FNAF Sister Location – BALLORA THE BALLERINA! (Minecraft FNAF Roleplay) #2


We get a glimpse into the past of the 1964 Sister Location Pizzeria in the bunker and discover what horrible events occurred to Baby and her family. Although …


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  1. Zane Bailey says:

    THIS SERIES IS AWESOME + SubZeroExtabyte – Minecraft Roleplays & More!

  2. In episode 1 they talk about 1983 big mistake

  3. Jose Nunez says:

    Kind of reminds me of fallout

  4. Why doesn't sub ever talk?

    I have a very big imagination and im good building but this is awensome!!!! inclussive the best history id even seen in ytube, and i looked videos 2 or 3 years ago!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Im obiously suscribing!!

  6. Joe Llama says:

    Why….WHY……wHy…..WhY Whyyyyy Just whyyyyyyy

  7. Lynn Knight says:

    I love the freddy fazbear original and sister location (:

  8. XD they r both crouching around each other.

  9. Is this like a blast from the past or something??

  10. Abi Slingsby says:

    I like Ballora the best

  11. Dashumba M says:

    just like ,5 stages

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