As always when I write columns about the big three (4 if you count the unconstitutional Obamacare) federal Ponzi schemes, social security, Medicare and the GOP’s grand “free” prescription pills, I have to say don’t kill the messenger (me) for telling you the painful truth. I am fully aware that tens and tens of millions of Americans receive benefits from those programs. At the end of 2013, 58 million on SS; 10.9 million on social security disability (a huge spike since 2008) and 49.4 million on Medicare.


Individuals on SSDI (SS Disability Insurance) pay no federal taxes which means those 10.9 million are completely subsidized by your wallet. Yes, I do understand there are those who absolutely need it. However, in the “old days” family took care of family, not mother government. The reality is that one day, the well is going to run dry.

Those tens of millions cited above absolutely depend on those federal taxing schemes for the bread on the table and medical treatment. I understand that. I also feel comfortable in saying that 99.999% have no idea how those federal taxing schemes work, why they are immoral and why the are unsustainable.

Example: Congress has stolen our social security and spent it! It’s nothing but IOUs now! Wrong. Social security is a federal tax that goes into the General Fund of the Treasury and is not earmarked for any specific spending purpose:

Congressionally Duped Americans

“A year after the Social Security Act’s passage, it was challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, in Helvering v. Davis. The court held that Social Security is not an insurance program, saying, “The proceeds of both employee and employer taxes are to be paid into the Treasury like any other internal revenue generally, and are not earmarked in any way.” (Do take time to read the full column at the link above.)

There’s no social security “lock box” or any of the other nonsense carped by career politicians in the Outlaw Congress. It used to be paper ledgers with a debit and credit side under your SSN. Now, of course, it’s all on computer. Simply numbers of what you’ve paid in SS taxes and pay outs once you apply for benefits paid for with nearly worthless “Federal” Reserve notes – not dollars.

I will turn 65 in June and today I have to head down to the Social Security Administration offices to enroll in the Medicare Ponzi scheme with a gun to my head. My husband is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. We are covered under TriCare. John with TriCare for Life; mine is TriCare Prime for which I now must travel 90 miles to see a doctor under the new regulations last year or lose my coverage. We have always paid our own health care premiums. It is our personal responsibility, not yours. It is immoral to steal from your paycheck to pay for my health care.

If I refuse to enroll, I will lose my TriCare coverage. That’s right. Those bastards (no apology) in the Outlaw Congress, your incumbent and mine, force individuals against their will into those Ponzi schemes in an effort to keep them from going bankrupt. TriCare sent me their cheery TriCare and Medicare Turning 65 brochure: “If you are entitled to premium-free Medicare Part A, you must also have Medicare Part B to keep TriCare regardless of your age or place of residence….Once you have both Part A and Part B, you automatically receive TriCare benefits under TFL.” (TriCare for Life)

“Entitled” somehow magically turned into forced enrollment for TriCare. Just because someone is eligible, doesn’t say therefore you must.

Individuals are prosecuted in this country all the time for running Ponzi schemes, yet the Outlaw Congress is running three huge ones (not counting the unconstitutional Obamacare, yet) and have gotten away with it for decades.

You are not forced to sign up for Social Security or apply for their benefits. If it was mandatory, everyone would automatically be issued a number from the government. The reason they don’t is because you have to apply. All over this country hospitals lie to new parents by telling them their newborn must get a SSN before leaving the hospital. NOT true.

Now, let me show you how deceitful those bastards (no apology) in the Outlaw Congress have been in roping new slaves into the system: If you don’t get a SSN for your child, you cannot claim them as dependents on your income tax return: IRS publication: “Social security number (SSN) requirement for dependents — You must list the SSN of any dependent for whom you claim an exemption.” No SSN, no exemption.

If you apply for social security benefits, you are also forced with a gun to your head to enroll in Medicare or forfeit your social security checks.

In 2008, former House Majority Leader, Dick Armey and a couple of his friends filed a lawsuit against the SSA and the unconstitutional Health and Human Services. They didn’t want to go into Medicare. They’re all multi-millionaires who can afford to pay for any medical treatment they need. Instead, your hard earned tax dollars will pay his medical expenses in the form of borrowed debt. Let me quote from this article:

Dick Armey’s claim about Medicare and Social Security is only partially true

“We were curious why Social Security and Medicare are linked, and when we asked, we found that the issue is the matter of a lawsuit that was brought against the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services in 2008. Among the plaintiffs is none other than Dick Armey. The plaintiffs argue that, under the Medicare Act signed in 1965 and under the Social Security Act, there are no rules requiring enrollment in Medicare Part A to receive retirement benefits. Rather, a series of subsequent policy statements have linked the two programs, which are illegal because the two departments did not follow the traditional procedure to write the new rules, according to a press release issued by the plaintiffs on Oct. 9, 2008. The policy essentially traps retirees into participating.”

The article contains these lies: “In some cases, people never sign up for retirement benefits and therefore they must enroll in Medicare on their own, said Dorothy Clark, spokeswoman for the Social Security Administration. Either way, “Medicare is a voluntary program,” said Clark. No one is ever required to sign up for government health benefits, nor are they required to keep them.” And, “So, back to Armey’s claim. He’s wrong that Medicare is required for everyone over the age of 65, but he’s correct that those who want out of the program will lose their Social Security benefits as well.”

No, Ms. Clark. Medicare enrollment isn’t voluntary for me. According to TriCare’s web site and my badgering for legal answers, if I don’t sign up for Medicare I will lose my TriCare health coverage. Once enrolled in Medicare, I will end up paying more than $1,400 per year than I now pay for my health care premiums under TriCare Prime. Medicare becomes my ‘primary’ coverage; TriCare becomes the supplemental. Thank you very much you thieves in the Outlaw Congress. That means I will have less money to spend into my local economy. And, people wonder why businesses are going belly up across this country?

Medicare Part As is for the premium “free” hospital insurance. Free? Who the hell do they think they’re kidding? What does the “free” Part A cover? Hospital care, Skilled nursing facility care, Nursing home care (as long as custodial care isn’t the only care you need), Hospice and Home health services

Free? As I write this column Medicare has $89 TRILLION dollars in unpaid liabilities. $89 TRILLION dollars. Where is “free” in an astronomical debt of $89 TRILLION dollars?

That Ponzi scheme forces those who can afford their own health care premiums into a program that cannot pay it’s liabilities. The blame lies squarely with your U.S. Rep and Senator and mine. They are directly responsible for allowing the madness to continue. Every election cycle we see both parties stand in front of the cameras talking about social security reform! Medicare reform! We will make sure benefits for seniors they’re entitled to will be there in the future! Bull manure. They haven’t reformed anything. Medicare fraud runs in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year with most of it unrecoverable.

Every time I see one of those photo ops I want to gag. I am a senior and I don’t want Medicare, but if I want to keep my health care coverage which I have always paid for out of my own pocket for more than 40 years, I have to enroll today. According to Ms. Clark above, today I’m going to “voluntarily” enroll with a gun to my head. That may be fine for some Americans, but it’s not for me. I hate lies and deceit and being forced into taxing schemes I don’t want because I can take care of myself.

The same applies for the social security Ponzi scheme that Americans are forced into because they don’t know the law: No one is required to obtain a SSN to live or work in this country. We’re all lied to by employers who demand an SSN when you’re hired because they either don’t know the law or don’t care about telling you the truth. It’s much easier for employers than getting in the muck of an employee who chooses to be free of getting involved in those Ponzi schemes.

As I write this, social security’s unpaid liabilities are $16.9 TRILLION dollars. The GOP’s so called “free” prescription drug plan is $22.3 TRILLION in unpaid liabilities. Just those three (include Medicare), not counting the monstrous hole in the water called Obamacare, total $128.3 TRILLION dollars.

Those “entitlement” programs are what’s called off budget. Why? Because allegedly, they are supposed to pay for themselves. Because the Outlaw Congress don’t want Americans to see the true numbers and because there’s no way to balance any budget with unpaid liabilities in numbers so huge it would be laughable if not so serious. The U.S. Congress is riding the tiger; they know what will happen if they get off. Let me put it this way so we can all understand just how dire the situation is (budgeted means current year):

We know Medicare has $89 trillion dollars in unpaid liabilities. If you look at the debt clock to see what the Outlaw Congress has budgeted for Medicare (you see the debt accumulates in split seconds so fast they will all have increased by the time this column is published), it’s $776.7 billion dollars – no where near the $89 trillion in unpaid liabilities.

Social security’s unpaid liabilities total $16.9 trillion; budget by the Outlaw Congress $820.6 billion.

In addition to the tab paid for out of your wallet for Medicare, let’s look at how much YOU owe on top of that in debt created by your incumbent in Congress:

You (and me) “owe” $151, 820 for the congressionally created ‘national debt’.

You, me our children and grand children individually “owe” $8,080 in interest for that congressionally created ‘national’ debt.

The U.S. “total debt”: $61.3 trillion. You, me, our children and grandchildren individually “owe” $193,137.

SS, Medicare, “free” prescription drugs: $128.3 trillion. Taxpayers, which would be you and me and your children and grand children if they’re working are each in debt for: $1.1 million dollars and growing by the millions every minute.

Add that to your state tax burdens and you soon understand why you have no savings and scrimp month to month just to stay afloat. Throw in more TRILLIONS for the unconstitutional Obamacare and you have a disaster. One day in the not too distant future the big tent will simply collapse because the American people are squeezed into poverty and can no longer pay all those taxes and because the U.S. government has run out of countries to borrow from – $3.4 BILLION dollars a day.

Unpayable debt that continues to accumulate at millions of dollars a second for each category above. Since not a penny of your federal “income” tax dollars funds a single function of the federal government, it’s all borrowed debt heaped on our backs – including those Ponzi schemes. Here in Texas, ignorant voters on March 4th voted to reelect every single “smaller government, keep more of your money” GOP incumbent so they can go right back to Washington in November while America’s financial house burns to the ground.

The voters of Texas (same on the Democratic/Communist Party USA side) are so happy to be crushed under debt in such numbers most can’t even fathom what $128.3 trillion dollars means (just for those “off budget” items alone), they voted for the very same individuals who are destroying their lives and their children’s futures. After all, it’s always the fault of the other party. And, because they are now recipients of those Ponzi schemes. Trapped.

As we’ve heard all our adult lives, SS is the sacred cow of politics. Untouchable. What it is is a program that cannot be saved just as Medicare cannot be saved. There will never be enough taxed per individual enrolled to fund out those programs. Besides trying to boost their voting block by tens of millions, the second reason the Democratic/Communist Party USA wants to reward liars, cheats and thieves (illegal aliens) with citizenship is to dump 20-30 million of them into those Ponzi schemes in an effort to keep them afloat. All that will do is throw more gasoline on the bonfire.

Think Republicans don’t know how bad off those “entitlement” programs are – especially with 90 MILLION Americans out of the work force? Those Ponzi scheme taxes aren’t being deducted from those tens of millions of unemployed slaves creating an even bigger deficit.

So desperate are the thieves in the Outlaw Congress to steal every last penny from us – your incumbent and mine – this bill rotting in committee has a grand total of 2 co-sponsors:

H.R.3894Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act to do away with income taxes on social security. Introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), January 15, 2014. Referred to House Committee on Ways & Means.

GOP Reps. Pushing to End ‘Double-Taxing by the Federal Government’

“Seniors have already paid tax on their Social Security contributions, so taxing Social Security is double-taxing by the federal government,” Massie said. DeSantis echoed Massie’s sentiments in their joint statement: “[The bill] blows the whistle on the federal government for double-taxing the Social Security benefits of senior citizens. Individuals already pay taxes to support Social Security, so there is no reason why these earned benefits should be taxed on the back end.”

“The GOP representatives argue the purpose of Social Security is “to provide people with financial support during retirement, not to be another source of tax revenue for the federal government.” If the bill passes, Social Security benefits would neither be taxable nor reportable on individual tax returns, thus restoring the integrity of the program.”

But, the seniors here in Texas don’t seem to mind paying double taxes on their SS since they voted for all the GOP incumbents instead of qualified challengers who would have won in November in those GOP districts. If you’re a senior, do you like being double taxed for your SS? Wny hasn’t your incumbent pushed for passage of that bill?

What’s needed to prop up those programs that tens of millions must have for food and medical treatment? Every penny of your paycheck, savings and those 401(k)s and it sitll won’t be enough. Let’s look at the numbers ten years ago:

Speeches ignore impending U.S. debt disaster / No mention of fiscal gap estimated as high as $72 trillion (Do take the time to read the article because there’s much more)

“To give you idea how big the problem is,” said Laurence Kotlikoff, economics chairman at Boston University, who has written extensively on the subject, to close a $51 trillion fiscal gap, “you’d have to have an immediate and permanent 78 percent hike in the federal income tax.” These obligations are not imaginary. And unlike the 1980s and 1990s, economic growth cannot bail out the government because the Baby Boom retirement is at hand. Those born in 1946 will reach age 62 in 2008, allowing them to take early retirement and receive Social Security benefits.

“It’s a number that’s so large that people find it implausible, and so they don’t think about it,” said Alan Auerbach, a UC Berkeley economist who studies the issue and consults for the Kerry campaign. “But it’s based simply on the projections we have for Social Security and Medicare. People aren’t making these numbers up.”

“A pathbreaking study by Jagadeesh Gokhale of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Kent Smetters, a former deputy assistant secretary at the Treasury — commissioned by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill — estimated a $44 trillion fiscal gap. It laid out a few painful options on how to meet the liabilities:

“– More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent;

“– Raise income taxes by two-thirds, immediately and forever;

“– Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever.

Now the three biggies are $128.3 TRILLION dollars in unpaid liabilities while massive unconstitutional spending by your incumbent and mine is still gushing out of DC like Niagra Falls. There isn’t enough money on this earth to sustain those programs, not to mention that every time there is any discussion about cuts in social security or Medicare, seniors go berserk because they’re afraid. Is that any way to live?

CBO Director: Important to Give Advance Warning About Coming Changes to Social Security

“So we have a choice as a society to either scale back those programs relative to what is promised under current law; or to raise tax revenue above its historical average to pay for the expansion of those programs; or to cut back on all other spending even more sharply than we already are,” Elmendorf said.

“And we haven’t actually decided as a society…what we’re going to do. But some combination of those three choices will be needed.” Elmendorf said there are various ways to proceed: “But they tend to be unpleasant in one way or another, and we have not, as a society, decided how much of that sort of unpleasantness to inflict on whom.”

“He noted that many Americans have paid Social Security taxes for decades, expecting to get benefits in retirement. But the money people paid years ago was used to fund other government activities.” Yes, as I said at the top of this column: SS taxes go into the general fund.

Desperate seniors threaten to oust incumbents if they dare mention cutting SS and/or Medicare. Career politicians genuflect at the feet of rotten organizations like AARP and belch the same worn out campaign sound bites about protecting SS and Medicare – for votes. You can only put so much air into a balloon before it pops. Receipients of those programs simply don’t want to face the reality of the situation. The big bang is coming sooner rather than later.

The reality is all of the above and Americans dependent upon those programs must get of out denial. Americans should not forget the riots in Greece, Italy and France in late 2012 when their governments rolled out austerity that cut pensions so badly, those people had no money for food or anything else because Greece is here and now.

Make no mistake: The thieves in the Outlaw Congress – your incumbent and mine want to get their hands on the trillions in private pension funds in exchange for more worthless paper IOUs. Oh, it won’t be called an IOU. Let’s go for the old sleight of hand deception:

Treasury, Labor on path to nationalize retirement

NEW YORK – “Two years ago, as WND reported, the Obama administration was proceeding with a novel way to finance trillion-dollar budget deficits by forcing IRA and 401(k) holders to buy Treasury bonds by mandating the placement of government-structured annuities in their retirement accounts.

“Remarkably, those financial professionals specializing in private retirement savings and the U.S. citizens investing in private retirement plans now face the possibility the Obama administration and its allies on the political left will impose rules and regulations that effectively abolish the private retirement savings and investment markets.

“Recent evidence suggests government officials continue to eye the multi-trillion dollar private retirement savings market, including IRAs and 401(k) plans, eyeing the opportunity to redistribute private retirement savings to less affluent Americans and to force the retirement savings out of the private market and into government-controlled programs investing in government-issued debt.”

If that happens, you can kiss your retirement good bye. Jerome uses Obama as the culprit, but it has to be passed by the Outlaw Congress (unless the imposter in the WH decides to use “his” pen) who damn straight know those Ponzi schemes they’re running are toxic. Think Obamacare is the worst, try nationalizing your retirement funds. That’s why getting out and buying gold is what people who do know how bad it is, as well as the real possibility of nationalizing retirement funds, have been doing in record numbers.

The point of no return has already passed for those programs. The unconstitutional “Fed” can continue pumping worthless “dollars” into the economy, but it’s nothing more than a con game. Government securities and Treasury bonds backed up by a worthless currency? That’s what you would entrust everything you’ve ever worked for and what you need to survive in your golden years? Only a fool would agree to such an arrangement.

Instead of allowing those programs to die out a natural death decades ago instead of forcing tens of millions of Americans into them who really have no understanding of the long term consequences of Ponzi schemes, your incumbent and mine have simply allowed the problem to swell beyond anything sustainable. The end result is going to be disaster and misery for tens and tens of millions of Americans dependent on those programs. I can only sincerely advise folks to try and be prepared emotionally and financially.

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  1. Barb says:

    I worked for the federal government and paid into federal retirement and also had paid into SS. Talk about ponzui schemes. To get more money in the government till a new law was passed that…anyone in the federal goverment retiring after 1982 would have the former SS benefit reduced by 2/3 when they retired. Most federal retirees never got back anything near what they paid in.

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