Foreign Connection in Balochistan


By Abdul Hayee Baloch


While Pakistan has taken some meaningful steps to bring the perpetrators of Mumbai terrorist attacks to justice, India is using Afghanistan’s territory to launch attacks in Balochistan leading to further balkanize Pakistan.  In the 1971 war, India discreetly used the unrest in East Pakistan against Pakistan to its fullest advantage leading to the creation of Bangladesh on the world map.  Today, India is supporting a most difficult drive of using Baloch insurgency against Pakistan.  Pakistan has given proofs of Indian involvement in exacerbating the turmoil in Balochistan via Afghanistan but India is unlikely to ever accept such a charge.  Although, it is true that India does not share border with Balochistan but India can not remain oblivious from its meddling through hundreds of RAW operatives & Indian regular troops prowling in Afghanistan bordering Balochistan.  RAND scholar Christine Fair, a leading American expert on South Asia disclosed in an objective analysis carried by ‘American journal Foreign Affairs’ has validated Pakistan’s legitimate claim about India’s involvement in fanning unrest in Balochistan.  She further contended that “Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity.  Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates it has reopened in Jalalabad and Kandahar along the border”.

There is a long list of overt as well as covert evidences available with the Pakistan Government about the complicity of few angry tribal chieftains/BLA with India in fomenting trouble in Balochistan.  The statement of Brahamdagh Bugti, grandson of late Akbar Bugti, was very alarming when he revealed that he would accept any “moral help and material support” from India to create mayhem in Balochistan.  During an interview on Dunya TV telecast on July 4, 2009, the Baloch rebel leader Hyrbiyar Marri has revealed that “American enslavement is better than Punjabi enslavement because the Punjabis will come and occupy our lands for good.  The Americans will only steal our oil and gas, whilst the Punjabis will obliterate our national identity”.  US under secretary of state for political affairs, William Burns gave Indian officials a terse directive to “shut down Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending mercenaries across the Durand Line”.  There is strong evidence of Indian support in planning, commissioning and preparing acts of terrorism in Balochistan through setting up of 26 centres of terrorism (consulates) along the western border in Afghanistan.  Reliable sources have revealed that explosives were brought in by Indian Border Roads Organisation (BRO) under the garb of “reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts” in Afghanistan through Iran to be used for sabotage acts against Balochistan.  Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik disclosed that some 200 Baloch youths who were allegedly disappeared in Balochistan, have been traced.  It was very distressing that most of these persons had crossed border and were being trained by the Indian RAW operatives in Afghanistan.  There is robust possibility of Indian involvement in the killing of three Baloch nationalist leaders that triggered widespread on-going riots in Balochistan.  This tactical maneuver yielded following multiple anti-Pakistan purposes:  (1) Proving Pakistan’s security apparatus guilty of killing in the eyes of Baloch people.  (2)  Thwarting the possibility of reconciliation efforts between the Government and the angry nationalist leaders, by killing Ghulam Muhammad Baloch – a man who was responsible of playing a major role in the release of John Solecki, chief of the UN Human Rights Commission in Balochistan.

It is true that past governments were responsible for the present situation in Balochistan and India is just exploiting the bad situation.  Ever since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the greatest offense of our every successive government has been that they have never tried to improve & develop the economic and political conditions in Balochistan despite repeated promises from each one of them.  Balochistan remains the most neglected province and 88 per cent of its population lives in subhuman conditions.  The fresh imbroglio surfaced when the Centre launched fast track developmental projects aimed to bring the area into socio-economic mainstream.  It became sore in the eyes of Indian strategists who wanted to extent their zone of influence in the Central Republics to lay a hand on its enormous natural wealth.  India is trying to locate markets due to constant pressure from an ever growing population and increased urbanisation.  In order to capture the market, India wanted to stop Pakistan from becoming a hub of economic activity by: (1) Exploiting the theme, “the construction of Gwadar Deep Seaport in Balochistan will turn Balochs into a minority”.  (2) Cultivating in the minds of the Baloch nationalists that China intends to occupy their natural resources.  (3) Widely publicizing incidents of Human rights violation in Balochistan by highlighting the so-called miseries of Balochis, like disappearances, political victimization, displacement due to military operations, etc.  (4) Generating suspicions in ethnic Balochis that Islamabad wants to possess the riches of Balochistan.

Some of the grievances projected by Baloch nationalists are: — provincial autonomy, detention of political workers, bigger share in NFC, special quota in federal jobs, enhanced royalty for natural gas, increasing military intrusion, gradual attrition of Baloch identity with influx of outsiders, undertaking of “anti Baloch” mega projects like Gwadar port without reference to their consensus.  In order to foil the Indian conspiracy of destabilizing Pakistan, it is important to remove the mistrust between the Baloch and the Federation by adopting Confidence Building Measures.  Political, social and economic disputes need to be addressed through a policy of reconciliation and mutual accommodation.  The meaningful dialogue process with all the stakeholders will bring perpetual peace in the province.  The All Party Conference (APC) or grand jirga be convened at the earliest so that people should remain alive to the situation and make independent policy decision in the best interest of Pakistan.

India is under is undergoing social and economic revolutions that is capturing the best minds–and money–of Western business. which is decreasing due to constant pressure from an ever growing population and increased urbanisation.

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  1. sanjith menon says:

    hi there, im from india. guys you fucked us in kashmir. so we pay you back. monkey tricks arent your monopoly alone. if you guys can excel in that we are past masters of this game. we will definitely split you and thats our agenda. wait for few more years, let a few dams come up there in kashmir and we will see that you have droughts in punjab.
    you thought you will f..k us up with a low level, insurgency in kashmir, and we will sit back and take it all dying down. thats wrong thinking buddy.

  2. hindblogger says:

    Abdul Hayee Baloch

    Sorry sir- I beg to differ. Your article starts from …………While Pakistan has taken some meaningful steps to bring the perpetrators of Mumbai terrorist attacks to justice………..

    I along with like minded people who are not biased and do not see each other with fic color glasses…wants to know what is basis of your this statement.

    It is going to be ONE YEAR…and do you think PAK was/ is serious about anything ?
    Or you also wants to say that THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE.

    Or you want to downplay court judgment that there is nothing worth holding the accused and later on we came to know thar case was not made properly…later PAK said that it will re-represent the case…

    Now before you reply …here is my take on your words…

    With due respect to all…no one was or is serious about anything. From day ONE, it was time pass game. PAK was not serious, nor it is still serious…how can PAK do anything which INDIA is demanding? It will prove that terrorism is being officially accepted by PAK…

    So- this is all eye wash, and if we further go into the issue..INDIA is demanding action against ONLY, Sayeed H..this is a meager demand…which is infact a gap for PAK..which I am sure will be used in later stage.

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