Former MSNBC Host Told Not to Warn Public About Fukushima


Paul Joseph Watson

“Because the official government position is that it’s safe”

Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur was told not to warn the public about the danger posed by the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant during his time as a host on the cable network.

Former MSNBC Host Told Not to Warn Public About Fukushima


“I was on MSNBC at the time when this happened, I said, “Don’t trust what the Japanese government is saying, they’ll say trust what the electric power company is saying. Go, go, go, get outta there. Get as far away from that plant as you can. It’s literally a core meltdown.” And they always don’t want people to panic, so they were always like, “Oh it’s going to be okay.” […] I’m like, “You’re crazy man, don’t be anywhere near that reactor.” And I remember at the time, of course not at The Young Turks, but on cable news, people were like, “Hey Cenk, you know, I don’t know that you want to say that, because the official government position is that it’s safe.” Oh, is that the official government position? Now go explain that to the people who served on the USS Ronald Reagan.”

Uygur previously revealed how MSNBC president Phil Griffin ordered him to tone down his show because “people in Washington” were concerned about Uygur being too combative towards “those in power.” Despite the fact that his show had good ratings, Uygur walked away from the network to create his own online broadcast.

Uygur’s reference to the USS Ronald Reagan concerns recent revelations that 71 U.S. sailors who helped during the initial Fukushima relief efforts returned with thyroid cancer, Leukemia, and brain tumors as a result of being exposed to radiation at 300 times the safe level.

The sailors are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), which repeatedly lied in an effort to downplay the severity of the situation.

Now that radioactive debris is hitting the West Coast of North America, numerous different animals and sea life are suffering from mysterious diseases, including 20 bald eagles that have died in Utah over the last few weeks alone.

Top scientists have warned that if another major earthquake hits Fukushima, which is almost inevitable, it would mean “bye bye Japan” and the complete evacuation of the west coast of North America.

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2 Responses

  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    There is NO EXCUSE. The Ronald Regan like all US NAVY ships are rigged fro nuclear testing and measurement 24/7. The COMMAND has to choose to turn the monitoring equipment off.
    The US Government, the US NAVY as well as TEPCO are responsible.

    Remember that Henry Kissinger stated “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used in foreign policy.”

    Remember the Japanese government told their people that smiling and drinking beer will prevent radiation poisoning.

    Remember the US Government ordered monitoring stations that were receiving high readings IN THE UNITED STATES OFF two months after the Fukashima event.

    So our government is NO DIFFERENT.

  2. John Cook says:

    I knew that there was full meltdowns within a couple of days of the event, it was literally monts later that they started to let the truth seep out. The ABC news in Australia twisted the truth into pretzels to keep up the “everything is ok” lie going.

    As for those sailors, they must be fools if they believe that the captain of their ship didn’t know about the radiation. They would absolutely for sure have automatic alerts for high radiation levels on a warship of that size.

    People are So gullible, other people are So Evil. The gullible ones let the evil ones get away with it.

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