Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

19 bring you FOUR HORSEMEN – an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we …


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  1. Diane Crouse says:

    It happens first because people think they are in a Democracy and not a Republic, that is the lie that started the false banking system, the Federal reserve and that is an illuminati or some call them the elite plan. Our Republic has been usurped and all of this crap has happened because of that.

  2. rose b says:

    Usually, I do NOT make any comments when I watch You Tube. But… this one. Yes. I must. I am one of those who changed inside out during year 2005, 2008, …..and so on. In year 2010, lived in my car for 3 months…drove west coast to east coast… for understanding what really happened and why. And then..why ME? After I watch FOUR HORSEMEN, finally…I am understanding and accepting what happened. My sad feeling is not out of "Poor Me" It is reality of NOW. I don't know how to make a plan to act and prepare next one hit again. Better yet, how to stop it from cycle? I would like to express deep appreciation to all of people who are involved in this document. Thank you.

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  4. One Maestro says:

    Nice how it trickled down…..only thing that got trickled down is unemployment, debt, and poverty. FAIL

  5. 41:49 – (top left) Tyrant T-103 from Resident Evil.

  6. Excellent!!! "To really understand something, is to be liberated from it." And "A predatory capitalists truest enemy and humanities greatest ally, is the self educated individual who has read, understood, delays their gratification and walks around with their eyes wide open." Awesome quotes. It's so simple people what's going on, don't be put off by that crap of reptilians and FEMA and aliens. Those were created by the wealthy sponsored critics who's goal is to confuse and discredit true criticism of our Plutocrat system. If Saudi Arabia pays millions to suppress technology that would replace fossil fuels, why not pay people to flood the Internet with so much information that one becomes overwhelmed and goes back to self gratification to comfort their ignorance. Great documentary.

  7. StL ChuckO says:

    Damnit…. I was expecting to see Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and Dennit.

  8. Jordan C says:

    yet another documentary which blames corporations for problems caused by governments.

  9. Ahmad Borhan says:

    One of the very best documentaries I've seen. Par Excellent!

  10. Navaid Syed says:

    Stop drone inhuman attacks.

  11. martine. mjt says:

    i think many societies throughout the world are living the decisions of previous governments and all their lies and deceit. maybe those who were paying themselves bonuses for losses are trying to say something. like things don t make sense, like something happened in the past and illogic took control..

  12. martine. mjt says:

    i think one thing these societies also have in common even 2000 yrs later,not much place for women. the chefs, all men.

  13. Aaron Adkins says:

    If this system fails, we are going to have to look at a resource based economy. There's a beautiful model of a future society called the Venus Project.

  14. David Deni says:

    Capitalist apoligists are idiots. First they take the land from you, then they they introduce money to force you to do their bidding to get what is your birth right. Competition between nation states drives down wages until workers can not afford to buy that which they produce, regardless of whether workers own production or not. Profit means you cn never stop producing, you must fuck the enviornment by the very nature of the system. Money, the nation state, nationality, law, race religion are all man-made contructs for control that have no reality of their own, they exist in your mind only. You cannot force the unreal upon the real material world and that is what you attempt to do with capitalism.

    Debt itself is a construct to keep you trapped as a slave. All debt is unecessary, money is an uneccesary evil. You could replace money with vouchers for hours worked….this immediately cuts out exploitation and coruption as any government officicals would have no treasury, their function would be to allocate manpower and resources. It would cut out the slave trade, the drug trade, poaching, all crime without the need to police anything.

    Attempting to save capitalism is delusional subjective obssessive narrow minded stupidity leaving man trapped in a matrix of fake institutions, fake realities fake nationalities and completely brain dead. There are not differnt types of capitalism, monopolies form because capitalism is a ponzi scheme and the formation of monopolies is inherent in the system. I have done 20 years of political economy, you have no idea what you are on about.

  15. JP Oberg says:

    Excellent, excellent documentary. Thank you, Renegade Inc. Although I would lose the "Inc." Just on principle's sake.

  16. 2phalanges says:

    all these problems will build up to ww3. this will be the 1 and only solution to all our problems.

  17. vivek pilot says:

    I really didnt understand how banks creates money out of nothing…!! Can somebody please explain it to me?.Thanks

  18. Tammi Moe says:

    What a fantastic documentary! I would like to have a public screening some time in 2016 at our Public Library. How does Renegadeinc handle screening requests?

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