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Significantly to the relief of just about absolutely everyone, 2016 is at last — at extensive very last — coming to an conclusion. The 12 months has been marked by moments of madness, despair, grief, and in what could run counter to the prevailing community consciousness, sizeable moments of hope and pleasure.

Yet not not like each individual 12 months, 2016 has brought us a preponderance of interesting figures to glance at. There were indeed lots of “firsts” this 12 months, with information broken, recollections produced, and situations that historians will be parsing for generations to arrive.


Here’s hunting back four of the many numbers that will assist determine 2016 for long run generations.

fifty six.1%

The share of votes been given by Taiwanese presidential prospect Tsai Ing-wen.

Her victory confident her a place in heritage, as she turned only the 79th ladies in the world to be elected head-of-point out for any country and the very first female chief of the embattled country. Her election also will make Taiwan the 71st country to elect a female head of point out in the present day age. There are at the moment 18 female world leaders holding elected business office close to the world, such as the recently disgraced Park Geun-hye of South Korea.

Taiwan, which is formally recognized as the Republic of China or Chinese Taipei internationally, has struggled frequently with its have identification. Even though the island operates as a sovereign country, China maintains that is has ownership around the island, in a comparable fashion to Hong Kong. Owing to the Chinese stance with the country and recent agreements with China, the United States has no official diplomatic romantic relationship with Taiwan. Nonetheless, the U.S. has explicity agreed to defend Taiwan from any probable Chinese provocation, highlighting the difficult and in some cases contradictory maze of global politics that exist between tremendous powers.

Taiwan’s needs for self-identification were designed specially community two times this 12 months. Throughout the summer season Olympics in Rio, lots of Taiwanese took to Twitter and other social media platforms to argue around the truth that Taiwan was forced to show up as Chinese Taipei. And when President Tsai Ing-wen took to the mobile phone to give U.S. president-elect Donald Trump a mobile phone get in touch with, the very first time such a get in touch with between an American and a Taiwanese president had happened in around 30 a long time, lots of Chinese feathers were ruffled. China submitted an official protest with the U.S. right away pursuing the mobile phone get in touch with.


The amount of a long time since the very last time an American president (Calvin Coolidge) frequented Cuba.

On February 18, President Obama announced the historic take a look at to Cuba, breaking 88 a long time of length between the two nations around the world. When the president designed great on his announcement on May possibly 22, this marked the historic instant that lots of see as starting a new period with enhancing relations between the United States and its extensive-time communist Caribbean neighbor.

The United States has extensive held a a sturdy policy from Cuba and its recently-deceased dicator, Fidel Castro. Significantly of this is associated to the island’s purpose in aiding Russia in the course of the cold war. The Cuban Missile Disaster brought the U.S. and Russia closer to the brink of nuclear war, an action that the U.S. has been sluggish to forgive.

Offered the United States’ largely-expired policy to stamp out communism across the world, Cuba has been a sizeable sore place. Former Cuban chief Fidel Castro survived additional than 600 U.S. assassination attempts, some of which unsuccessful by what lots of may well ascribe to pure luck.

Even with the bitter romantic relationship, embargos, journey bans and sanctions, some journey and business between Cuba and the United States have been permitted or practiced for decades. Many U.S. politicians and superstars have made use of their positions and electricity to skirt earlier the boundaries put in place. Notably, rap moguls Beyonce’ and Jay-Z toured the country in 2013, and prior to the signing of the Cuban Embargo, former president John F. Kennedy snagged himself 1,200 Cuban cigars with complete expertise that they’d before long be illegal to buy in the country.


The amount of a long time it took the Chicago Cubs to crack their Planet Series “curse.”

In what some say is the largest and most crucial celebration in baseball heritage in a technology, the cubs finished a 108-12 months-aged American custom right after successful the Planet Series championship for the very first time since 1908.

There are lots of theories on why the Cubs did could not gain the Planet Series for such a extensive time. The most prevailing, and potentially most interesting ones, relate to “curses” placed on the staff at different details that served avert their victory from ever developing. This incorporates the idea that a curse was placed on the Cubs right after their 1908 victory because of to the way they managed to get to the world series. Some others think that a 1945 curse associated to an indignant bar owner and his goat were the reason for the loss streak.

The Cubs’ eventual victory was predicted a number of occasions. In the film Back to the Long term II, their victory was predicted to come about in 2015 (1 12 months shy of the actual date). And nearly mysteriously, a single man’s 1993 senior yearbook quote areas their victory at 2016 — a prediction that turned out to be legitimate.


The amount of votes Hillary Clinton acquired around her opponent and presidential election victor Donald Trump.

Significantly to the frustation of most of her supporters, Hillary Clinton’s vote direct grew ever wider months right after the November election. This has resulted in lots of petitions and articles or blog posts questioning the validity of the American electoral faculty program. Many some others have rallied at the rear of the program, faulting Clinton and the Democratic Social gathering by itself for the loss.

In lots of means, Clinton’s loss is potentially additional attributable to the growing political segregation developing in just the United States. While Clinton’s direct in the well known vote appears to suggest a broken election program, it additional reveals the truth that additional Us residents than ever are picking out to dwell with and close to people who share comparable political ideologies. Far more than twelve% of Clinton’s votes came from California, displaying that the intensely populated point out is not only around-represented in phrases of the number of voters, but also that its focus of Democratic voters lowers its overall voting electricity less than an electoral faculty program. For point of view, if all states were of an equivalent sizing to California, there would only be close to nine states in the U.S. rather of fifty.

Donald Trump is definitely not the very first president to gain the electoral faculty yet even now shed the presidency. The united states wrangled with this discrepancy in 2000 when George W. Bush lost the well known vote by a smaller margin to then Democratic Prospect Al Gore. Prior to 2000, the electoral faculty had not decided the winner since the late 1800s, when it did so for Harrison in 1888, Hayes in 1876 and Adams in 1824.


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