Fox News Facebook Page Gets 8,000 Death Threats


From: All Facebook

The Fox News Facebook page got over 8,000 death threats posted on its wall after the Communications Director for the American Atheists, Blair Scott, appeared on the network’s “America Live” discussing the group’s lawsuit hoping to stop the erection of a crucifix at the World Trade Center Memorial…

The admins of Fox’s Facebook page worked furiously to delete the hateful posts, but not before the atheist blogger behind One Man’s Blog managed to capture screenshots, some of which we’ve reproduced below.

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  1. Whats the point with atheists? Only because they do not follow fairytales and storys made up from astronomics? God may banish all the idiots from this world and we would have a future. Yes speaking to you, representatives of a god and destroying this world with your little dump ego. There is only one god and he doesnt need YOU to kill, fight, lie in his name!

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