FRA Q8 – Shard v Conker 3 v Beauty 8 – RC Combat Robot Wars – 2015 RC World Championships


Find out why this battle was – “Total and utter carnage”! Here we have one of the qualifying battles for the 2015 Fighting Robots Featherweight World …


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  1. hayde jacobo says:

    which it is the approximate weight of those robots

  2. @Hayde Jacobo – you have an incorrect setting in how you post comments to YouTube such that I can not reply to your question about FRA weights directly. Correcting that will enable me and others to see and read and reply to your comments fully.
    …and FYI circa 13.6 kg

  3. Ultravore says:

    Beauty 8 got rekt!

  4. mclarenguy22 says:

    Well, that looks like fun. Love those spinning blades.


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  6. Hahahaha good fight 😀

  7. Nick Stiver says:

    These robots have come a long way since the 90's man. Much more fun to watch now.

  8. TheKaziCo says:

    Is there a video on how the beauty 8 robot goes so fast? I wanna see the drivetrain

  9. Mike Johnson says:

    at 41 seconds that one robot gets flipped over, then flips over the other one landing perfectly to attack it. holy shit that was epic

  10. yamahaevo says:

    Good door… Made in England

  11. superboy 95 says:

    One word: DESTRUCTIVE

  12. Alpha Adhito says:

    I bet they did not expect that ;D. Btw any idea what are they discussing at the end? Did they got penalty if damaging the arena?

  13. XMetalMatter says:

    how bad was the door, I wonder.

  14. KaizerRemix says:

    How do the qualifying rounds work for these championships? Because it seems odd that Shard could win two matches but not make it through to round 2.

  15. imagine if the saw blade robot was the one that flew into the audience like that

  16. it's not easy to make fight robots i think!

  17. YALLOW657 says:

    I would put a jack Hammer on mine

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