France imposes media blackout on Mali war





France has reportedly imposed a media blackout on its invasion of Mali amid a growing war that rages on in the West African nation.

France imposes media blackout on Mali war

On January 11, France launched the war under the pretext of halting the advance of fighters in Mali. However, as Paris has stepped up its ground offensive and aerial strikes in Mali few images of the conflict have come out of the African country.

French networks TF1 and France Televisions have also sent several teams to Bamako, but a media blackout on images of the clashes has confined all journalists to the city.

This comes as French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has said the number of French troops on the ground in the West African country could top the initially-planned number of 2,500.

“Two thousand five hundred is what was initially announced, maybe that will be exceeded,” Le Drian said in a Saturday television interview.

Also on Sunday, Le Drian announced that Paris’ goal in the African country “is the total reconquest of Mali,” adding, “We will not leave any pockets” of resistance.

Meanwhile, the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, said it was preparing for around 700,000 people to flee the violence in Mali.

The United States, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark have already said they would support the French war against Mali.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has also pledged to support the French war by sending 5,800 soldiers to Mali.

Some analysts believe that Malian abandoned natural resources, including gold and uranium reserves, could be one of the reasons behind French war on the country.

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  1. Booyah Slim says:

    The average American is more then likely unaware of Mali and France. The usual news information sources in the U.S. are news networks including CNN,MSNBC,Free Speech Network,CBS,ABC,and NBC and I am shocked as well as a lot of others are and will be that there is apparently an unofficial declared media black out of a lot of these conflicts that citizens are unaware of. Along with these news websites, to get the stories out,the networks should be notified as well as independant journalists as soon as something breaks;and then stay on it and all over it. The main news networks in the Middle East and Africa need to get exposure on Satilite Channels for cable TV in the countries that have it available for their citizens and have the broadcasts accurately translated if possible. Canada,U.K. and other areas must be the same;if this is who your target audience is for your information . Other then internet.

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