Freeman Fly ‘New pope illuminati connections, The future space war’ The Jack Blood Show – 03-20-13



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  1. Truther Lair says:

    I dont know about the guy doing the interview. He seems like a good enough guy but he keeps interrupting freeman during great points and over talking him its very annoying.

  2. Jamie Reid says:

    See Jack
    See Jack Blood
    See Jack covered in Blood
    See Jack covered in his own Blood sobbing over his broken teeth because he couldn't shut his ego-hole. This interviewer may make you want to rip your own ears off,…. I know I did.

  3. CB isme says:

    Regarding the pope :The middle name is Petros or Peter but he is an Italian boy from south America so he is also a "roman" from Argentina. Therefore peter the roman, I'm just saying ­čśë

  4. Johnathan kleck right here on youtube was the first to mention obama being a clone of akhenaten. he has a great video on it as well as some other amazing finds.

  5. John walker says:


  6. Luke Good says:

    Nostradamus' prophecies are pure bunk, none have come to fruition. He was an occultist and therefore gets his knowledge from Lucifer, the king of lies and deceit. The only prophecies that will surely come to pass are the Bible's prophecies. Please don't take my word, study it yourself. I was a hard atheist, but, thank God, when researching the Illuminati /NWO agenda have come to the realization that the Bible is TRUTH and Jesus is our Saviour. God bless you all. Gogoniant i'r Argwydd Iesu.

  7. Luke Good says:

    FREEMAN!! . Prince William was not born on the winter solstice, he was born on the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

  8. InternalMind says:

    Isn't number 5 linked to Lucifer? venus' orbit??´╗┐

  9. You could not make this shit up if you tried ….´╗┐

  10. These two popes are the union of the two. Gnostic and Orthodox´╗┐

  11. Silver Pill says:

    Hang on. The Law of Fives is from The Discordian Society, a parody religion with as much ideological sway as a bag of chips. Eris being the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Confusion, Discord, Bureaucracy, Aftermath (or, amended by Robert A. Wilson to, International Relations).
    As a practicing Discordian I am dismayed by this connection being drawn between my faith and the Illuminati.´╗┐

  12. ITILII says:

    Hard to believe that there's a talk show host that is even more irritating than Alex Jones….note to Jack Blood and Alex Jones: when you have a guest on…let them TALK :-)´╗┐

  13. spwkarlsson says:

    To me, that is a problem with anyone getting too friendly with any occultic order, or "sheeple" subdivisional dominion thereof, that they tend to get all too academic on our science fictionally illiterate mules or something…
    But better that than the self-possessed new age welcoming committee gurus actually charging you to aid them in controlling you.

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