Freemasonry – The Ultimate Gang


by Zen Gardner

It shouldn’t be any surprise. That these fabulously famous and wealthy young men get roped into an exclusive club for other “elites” is almost expected, especially considering Freemasonry’s rapacious appetite for power.

What probably blows their minds is the other “brethren” they soon meet in their fancy gatherings and clandestine enclaves.

Masonic Rap and Basketball Stars

This is from a celebrity website about the image above:

Rumors have swirled for years that certain elite members of the black community are part of the secret order of Masons. The Masons are a secret society of brothers who recognize each other through a series of clandestine signals such as a special secret handshake as evidenced by the photos above.

When a friend alerted me to the suspicious hand signals exhibited by rappers Jay Z, Sean Combs and NBA star Ron Artest in the above pics, the first thing I thought was that the handshakes looked like some ol’ regular hood greetings to me. But of course I was wrong, as the friend pointed out.

He told me he was positive the greetings held some special significance because he had heard that Sean, Jigga and Ron were secret members of the Masons. Well, if these Masonic handshakes are supposed to be so secret then how is it that non-members know what they look like?

Then I thought well, maybe the Masons is an exclusive down low club. It would not be far outside of the realm of possibility considering that we are talking about Diddy and Jay Z.

But it turns out the Masons are not a secret society of well-to-do homos at all. It’s a brotherhood of powerful men, sort of like a fraternity, who keep the power and the money within the society.

Members of the Masons are alleged to be such powerful public figures as Barack Obama, Jay Z, Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Ron Artest, Jamie Foxx, etc. In other words, black men with money and influence.

A Little Background

Prince Hall is recognized as the Father of Black Masonry in the United States. Black Freemasonry began when Prince Hall and fourteen other free black men were initiated into Lodge No. 441, Irish Constitution, attached to the 38th Regiment of Foot, British Army Garrisoned at Castle William (now Fort Independence) Boston Harbor on March 6, 1775.

Actual Famous Prince Hall Masons

It’s not that difficult to find out who is and who isn’t a Prince Hall Mason. Like other Masonic traditions, Prince Hall Freemasonry is able to claim notable businessmen, politicians and entertainers as members. According to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan, notable Prince Hall Masons include:

  • Jesse Jackson
  • NY Governor David Patterson
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Count Basie
  • Duke Ellington
  • Al Sharpton
  • Congressman Charles Rangel
  • Nat King Cole
  • W.E.B. DuBois
  • Alexander Dumas
  • Alex Haley
  • Kweisi Mfume
  • Don King
  • Richard Pryor
  • Alexander Pushkin
  • Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Booker T. Washington

Prince Hall lodges can be found throughout North America, the Carribean and on US military bases around the world.

Masonic handshake and giant G. Congratulations, brother. You’ve been duped.

Yes, our fate is “sealed” with the Freemasons as Barry Soetero, Masonic ring and all, frames our Masonic Seal.

Surprised? I Hope Not

This is the power structure of our world. It’s fully contained and manipulated, and all races and walks of life need to be channeled. To think otherwise is a form of naive blindness. Unfortunately, common sense ain’t so common so most people fall into that naive category. (Mao Zedong was a highranking Freemason for heaven’s sake, as were Hitler, Churchill, Trotsky, Roosevelt, Stalin etc. etc. The heavies are all in on it. The game is rigged.)

But you don’t hear much about Black Freemasonry probably due to Freemasonry’s innate racism, so perhaps it’s their dirty little secret they’re not so proud of. Even Oprah Winfrey’s known membership in the Easter Star organization, the women’s branch of Freemasonry, is played down.


What surprises me about Black Freemasonry is the apparent ignorance of African Americans of Freemasonry’s outright racism and history of racial genocide. Freemasons and the Illuminati have been on a stated campaign to decimate indigenous populations for centuries, from remote tribes around the world to the ravaging of the Native American and Canadian indigenous populations.

The most recent attack has been the horrific engineering of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, followed by this morbid “decade of vaccines” campaign to sterilize and infect Africans. If you research the subject you’ll find several other deliberately introduced pathogens amongst  African Americans over the years, often disguised as “scientific trials”. All that nevermind America’s roots in slavery and inbred racism to this day, all ingrained in our Freemasonic system.

That Black Masons can’t make that connection to their own elitist agendized leadership just shows how blinded by power and glory they must be. How the Masons side-step that issue with racially diverse members must be a propaganda doozey.

Just don’t give me any of that “black power” BS if you’re a black working for the other side. You’re probably overdue for a little chat with Dick Gregory, a real champion of truth, who’ll let you have it between the eyes.

But you’re probably too blinded by your own bling.

Here’s to hoping you’ll wake up to who’s controlling you,


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  1. Karen says:

    “Well to do homos” …??? Really? Your an idiot.

  2. mark meincke says:

    ok, one more. Elitist? Most Masons are tradesmen. Plus, all lodges world wide accept people of any colour or religeon. As long as you are of good character, …no criminal record (though exceptions may be granted if people have turned over a new leaf), of good standing in the community, then you will voted on for admission. My lodge has Black, Chinese, Muslim, Jew, ….all brothers. Respect is given to all, and our individual religeons are never discussed. My lodge has a nurse, lots of welders/pipe-fitters, ..just regular guys.

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