Frontex warns of more migrant arrivals


The head of the EU’s border control agency has warned more migrants will arrive on Europe’s shores this year. Fabrice Leggeri said various conflicts and …


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  1. Enigma 025 says:

    Yes bring in more Refugees!
    Europe Must Fall.
    Butt hurt Europeans deserve whats coming to them.

  2. Merkel is to blame for this problem becoming so big!

  3. rose red says:

    lol Europe has done screwed their selves anyway so what's a few more rapefugees

  4. PJ says:

    Any vessel entering EU soverign territory is to be towed back to international waters.
    Any illegal immigrants that manages to make it to land will be held in camps on the islands untill they choose to return to their country of origin.

    2 weeks of that and the boats will stop comming. Guaranteed.

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