Full Documentary 2015 Dead Sea Scroll Armageddon Prophecies


Full Documentary 2015 Dead Sea Scroll Armageddon Prophecies The Dead Sea Scrolls, in the narrow sense of Qumran Caves Scrolls,[notes 1] are a collection …


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  1. al capone says:

    the ones who strayed from god and are the soldiers of darkness is Islamists in todays time..dead sea scrolls solved.look at world events.secrets in plain sight

  2. Sue Mendiola says:

    Mathew 16 You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times. A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.”

  3. frajer313 says:

    Y2K …12/12/12 …

  4. SARFO SAMUEL says:

    True Israelites are black men. Truth and liars are found in this documentary

  5. Jimmy Clark says:

    Hebrew Israelites. Lol ?

  6. lionel young says:

    Religious brain washing started before the bible,

  7. i can read some muslims chritians and lots of religion commenting here but the most annoying shit kind of people here are athiest hey guyz please evaporate.. u guyz are idiot hypocrit claiming know everything… u guyz are annoying….

  8. mrsteve555 says:

    2015 and TV still says arabs planned 9/11…. YAWN, you had me fo just over 26 min

  9. Sons of darkness those who violated the covenant and those who support them with anti Christ against sons of light the Muslims supported by the real Jesus a

  10. I understood it to mean the 3 tribes will fight against the other 9 tribes

  11. The modern day Arabs could be the 9 lost tribes of Israel

  12. Ain't nobody got time for what happens thousands of years from now

  13. yet another sample of slimey jew-bag religious bullshit propaganda.. and btw.. you're welcome you greedy fucks. At least I tried to educate you idiots.

  14. bobby mac says:

    NUKEM all and be done with it……………………………..

  15. floyd loonie says:

    100% CORRECT!! Corrupt self serving politicians and the greedy leaders of the financial institutions are "the sons of darkness"!! They suck the life out of those of us with lessor means they keep us in eternal bondage, like indentured servants to enrich their own bloated egos and extravagant lifestyles.

  16. Robert Kelly says:

    World will end n a couple of Billion years no God or Satan/Antichrist it will just die from sun exploding after it dies.

  17. Evelyn Moyer says:

    If you just say the same thing over, and over, and over ,and over, and over, you don't need any substantial content. What a bunch of hooey! Much ado about nothing.
    p.s. Nostradamus knew that if we know about it, we can CHANGE it.!!!

  18. What a massive distortion of history and they call themselves the history channel…

  19. Craig Warner says:

    All BULLSHIT. But because enough idiots on all sides believe this rubbish,they push to make it happen. Problem then though is that because its been pushed through by men and not gods and devils,we don't get the afterwards of heaven. We get all the war and horror and death,but no heaven after,or a new earth. What a waste of everything. We humans were given GREAT gifts buy nature. Lets not just End

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