Full Documentary 2015 – Power of Human Mind – Mind Over Matter


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  1. Humen is a Mystery.

  2. I Theodore E Damron's official mantra is " WAKE UP PEOPLE "! ! I WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP

  3. It measured how many people died and born.

  4. Prominence_2 says:

    James Randi is the reason why Uri Geller couldn't move the objects that night on the show. He told the producers to switch the material being used for the trick and Geller won't be able to move anything. Randi also had three of magicians go through science experiments for years if I'm not mistaken and not tell the people they were only doing magic tricks. At the end the scientist concluded that the three had special powers and even after they finally revealed they were tricking the scientist the whole time no one believed them! I believe that these things can happen but there are a lot of fakes out there that can even trick the "scientist"

  5. Kitty Ponce says:

    Very interesting-

  6. ….I like eggs…..

  7. TheTerraxa says:

    There have been many calendar systems used throughout the history. Any prediction based on a calendar is wrong. For instance; the year 2000 is merely a number in a calendar system so is 2012 or 2020 or any other year. Just numbers. Stop pretending you have some super powers. You don't.

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  9. Dddd Dddd says:

    Humans are ass holes they cant use 100 per cent

  10. Yes, it is all a case of 'Mind Over Matter' and I Don't Mind 'cause It Don't Matter. (-couldn't resist it)

  11. All-in-All says:

    If you think of how the "observer" altered the outcome of the double-slit quantum physics experiment, its not surprising in retrospect that human's interacting with an object can affect the result..wouldn't have said that a few years ago but the quantum physics example is a verified scientific event..start to realize the impact we as humans have on the environment.

  12. Demian Blake says:

    Actually, using 100% of your brain's capacity is called an epileptic seizure. Just sayin'.

  13. Our mind is a reservoir of many forces. The energies are there. We should learn to use them wisely

  14. the larch says:

    911 the predictors were measuring all the war dead about to psychic scream. Not the great shock to the hole wirld when some buildings in NY FELL.

  15. solosaroman says:

    9/11 is not so special,on dayle baaes worst things happen.and thia mashine did not detected.

  16. Almost all, if not all of the famous telekinetics ware fraud in my opinion. I absolutely do agree that this phenomena does exist, but the people who they put on mainstream for the world to see were not the real deal. The Russian lady who died may have been truly gifted. I believe that we are all gifted with these gifts. These abilities were purposely suppressed in humanity for thousands of years. We all used to have the ability of telekinesis, psychic abilities, telepathic abilities. And we used to develop them from birth just like we learn to read, write and walk today. It may seem crazy to some people, but I'm getting all of this from my own personal research. The suppression of these abilities in human beings is a part of a much bigger agenda.


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