Full Documentary 2016 – China vs USA Clash Of Empires – Discovery Channel Documentaries


Full Documentary 2016 – China vs USA Clash Of Empires – Discovery Channel Documentaries ,Documentary ,Documentaries ,Full Documentary ,Full …


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  1. JIN CANRONG,int. affair specialist should have his fangs pulled and have replaced into denture before having an interview ,what a disgusting

  2. Watch from 17:01 to 17:05 in slow-mo or 0.25 speed.. Watch closely…

  3. Kenneth Tan says:


  4. Moe Prine says:

    Now why? lets fight We're all gonna die anyway, so why not fight??? People are stupid, power corrupts the whole heart of man, and turns GOD into demons, AND DEATH. FUCK IT! God should kill us all and start over completely. but chances are without the questions of reasoning or choice; no temptation would exist, and with out temptation? there is NO choices. and nothing to reason and choose…. i don't know,,,, I didn't make it past the ninth grade…….

  5. Leeroy C says:

    Its not a world war if only 2 country's are fighting it. Morons.

  6. The illuminati is the evil of the world. They run the world through Millitary force ??, Economics??, & Religions??. The orders comes from the Pope the Cesar's (the Roman Empire). This is Babylon the Great the Satanic Mafia that has enslave All Humans. They run the world by secret societies one of them known as Freemasons. Babylon has been going financially broke and that's why they're targeting China and Russia and Brazil and Africa because all these countries are uniting against the British Empire. Search and compare this subject with the prophesies of Daniel 11:42-44

  7. Just like Jehovah God said he will bring this British Freemason Satanic Mafia down to its knees.

  8. it seems more like there'd be a war between europe and the middle east. the us and china have too much money between them to ever escalate

  9. GOOGLE BOY says:


  10. fuckyou retard china!!! stop harrassing and bullying small coutries like vietnam and philippine!!! stop harassing our local fishermen by pointing guns and firing watercannon,, getout of our eez!!!

  11. The americans in this interview are positively ignorant

  12. xfire7 says:

    Stop buying Chinese products and you stop the growth. Every time you opt for the cheap product you are funding Chinas military growth.

  13. afther the fall of asteroid in atlantic america and europe will be ravashed.then you need another calculation of power.obama the last president of usa

  14. Akash Guha says:

    17:30 He said Jesus lolz

  15. anne misa says:

    america is always advance when it comes to their technology. they don't want in a last row and outweigh they want to be the best among the rest..

  16. MJ_23 News says:

    i want to go to china you guys i love those girls

  17. This American Paranoia is not good for anyone…!!

  18. This American Paranoia is not good for anyone…!!

  19. mika kurooka says:

    The Empire of Chaos and Lies needs to find enemies but Fool Emeror is avoiding China lol. Russia they wanted because the fake jews ancient nation…Khazaria…. was erased from the map by Russ people who is now modern Russia , Russians
    . LOL!

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