Full Documentary 2016: Most Advanced Sniper Technology & Tactics


The UK’s £11m Sniper System Improvement Programme is possibly the most high profile example of this, providing British snipers with a comprehensive, …


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  1. How many fucking times are we going to have this documentary rebadged !?!?
    You can fuck right off top secret AKA top fuckwit !

  2. zimThuet says:

    blatantly obvious that this video is bullshit when it says in the title: "full documentary 2015"

  3. I been out of the game for a while, but this is not new, we called them recondo teams. lrrp's

  4. 2013danrazor says:

    is it cool to join the sniper team? i wanna be cool

  5. Weeman says:

    To the lying asshole who posted this vid. ITS OLD 2009 PLAYED ON MILITARY CHANNEL TIL I ALMOST FLOSSED WITH MY GLOCK. GET A LIFE

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  7. but can they 720 insta swap

  8. ALKUKES says:

    one of this big snipers was bought and brought to kosovo to fight the serbs what a great sniper

  9. Dave Keim says:

    all these gadgets are great but at the end of the day can they pull the trigger and blow that guys head off .a lot of what I have been seeing is a lot of kids playing live video games.

  10. TheOscarMael says:

    Учитесь друзья……

  11. Boom 360 nonscope across the map :D

  12. Demian Blake says:

    Did they got Garrus from Mass Effect series to narrate this one? O.o That's so meta , that my brain leaked off my ears.

  13. globe255 says:

    I Have an idea for a tactic weapon. Don't wanna disclose it here, but I can say it is the most effective weapon ever in a close combat.

  14. TOP SECRET. Trust me guys. This top secret tech is totally legit. I saw it on youtube.

  15. Share Bear says:

    Thanks! Now I PWN all the noobs on COD

  16. 2015: still can't have it in HD

  17. boom and ……………………

  18. Shane Mackie says:

    there more than likely training to take americans guns,some are quiting some just follow orders

  19. faze are better 10/10

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