Full Show – How Turkey May Have Started World War 3 – 11/24/2015


In this Tuesday, Nov. 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show , we explain what the media do not tell the fighter jet Russian shot down by Turkey as …


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  1. AABracketz says:

    I'm sick to my guts. Alex your absolutely correct about this stuff. Revolution is our last option.

  2. What a mess….this could end very very badly.
    If believe in praying. ….we better start.

  3. Miz Mack says:

    Obama just chided Americans while IN TURKEY.  Seems rather coincidental that Obama was just in the country that went after Russia.  Looks like the wimp got someone to do his dirty work!   If this had happened to an American plane and pilots, we would have been outraged.  Let alone blow up a rescue helicopter.  Obama was almost jumping up and down with glee as he mocked Putin.

  4. Why don't these limp wrist pc fags complain that giving Obama the Nobel peace prize just for being the first BLACK president…. Is racist.

  5. Almin Ra says:

    Turkey murdered a man for crossing an imaginary Border? Borders are imagined, made up by man, Go out to where they say the border is, do you see a chalk line or anything, nope! Only a man made sign saying now leaving Turkey! Maybe Turkey should seek mental health for their hallucinations, they damn sure crazy to fight with Russia!

  6. Taga Way says:

    Hey Caller, "ex military guy", I SUPPORT YOU.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  7. If Russia would go full out, Turkey would last maybe a month.  Would be a chance to take back Constantinople.Pretty Sure Russia will be backing the the PKK against Turkey.

  8. Roka says:

    6000 metres high wow 6 kilometers high that's high fellas.

  9. Ronny T. says:

    All as I want to order is a beer.

  10. Roka says:

    Otterman empire buddy

  11. The evidence i'm reading says Obama was compliant in the downing of the Russian Plane.

  12. Ed Shawn says:

    I can't believe people are so gullible to fall for this kind of retarded paranoid nonsense.

  13. John Smith says:

    Other countries should stay out of it ,, simple . Turkey are funding Isis and islamic moment over the world . Let's Russia deal with them meaning muslims

  14. Our own country backs up Isis – our govt manufactured Isis

  15. tom griffin says:

    well now i grew up on a farm,,and barnyard politics say ,,turkey aint got a chance lol

  16. Mal Jones says:

    goodbye Turkey

  17. Mega Loonies says:

    World War I the war to end all wars.  WWII the same.  Cold wars.  And for a long time the war of the mind from our own government.  Now a war that could end the world.  Is it too later for people with hearts of humanity to united against the evil powers that are in power?

  18. a fine show sir's and ma'am

  19. blow up the Turkish forces in Syria, Turkey just made them all targets.You might even call it open season on Turkey or a Turkey shoot. Back ISIL, ISIS, or the FSA and die.

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