Full Show – Illuminati, Bohemian Grove And The Death Of Antonin Scalia – 02/25/2016


On the Thursday, February 25 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, a New York Times columnist’s tweet about a possible assassination attempt on Donald …


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  1. swbarb1 says:

    is it possible he is still alive?

  2. Ranae Blake says:

    I am watching this and when i comes to the small beds in the hallway, My first thought was, The killing of the children, and i got this image in mind the their human sacrifice the kids laying their either drugged sleeping or the dead body laying their in the open yet not alone the other children's bed's their for the other kids if one was to wake up they see other children in the beds.. adults in the rooms behind doors when its time to sacrifice the kids out in the hall…. that was my vision so to speak. Just a thought..

  3. Trump already showed his taxs and income. Why are they going in cycles chasing their tale.

  4. ayn 72 says:

    Scalia had probably eaten a human sacrifice hence he couldn't have an autopsy with his 'full belly'.

  5. PRAY FOR TRUMP. He is not a Saint. He is not perfect. But right now, he is the only one can stand up and take this nation back from the NWO and its Luciferian.

  6. hehew says:

    well, I never seen the pope pull off his shirt and say, look what the holy water did for me!my bad, I love watching your videos, and u have opened my eyes to many things. just tell us u need cash to keep going, don't make come hither info sales pitches.

  7. ginge82 says:

    Same old garbage. 'Only I have the real truth and all you need to do is visit my store and buy this DVD/book and buy some crap from my sponsors'.


  8. Brandon Fike says:

    I love Alex but 1:14:02 is so damn funny. This image should be his youtube avatar and on the back of all of his books, movies, etc.

  9. Let's all go there! Let us all go to Poindexter's place!

  10. reformer6666 says:

    The family didn't want an autopsy because they wanted yo collect on the insurance policy.

  11. Jeff Rehbein says:

    This guy has a lot of good ideas, but why does he keep referring to Christianity?

  12. Paula Hester says:

    Jeff I believe in Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior. And He is returning. I pray that you will open your heart and mind an let Him in before its to late.

  13. @1:07:33_Here's an interesting factoid…China OWNS Smithfield pork products, AMC Movie Theaters, Volvo, A123, MiaSole, Goss International, Nexteer Automotive, League of Legends, IBM PC Unit Lenovo Laptops, Waldorf Astoria Hotels, Fisker Automotive, and more….
    That probably explains why they think they can tell us who our next president should be.

  14. We have criminals and terrorists practically walking through our borders unimpeded. We have North Korea launching rockets, testing nuclear weapons and threatening the U.S. We are majorly in debt to China and they think they have the audacity to actually warn us about who we want to elect! What nerve! Oh but yeah, lets focus on Donald Trump's taxes… Democrat logic.

  15. Wayne Mickel says:

    Fux news is just another Zionist news station, Rupert Murdoch is a criminal.

  16. JuliaB1955 says:

    That shot of Joe Biggs at Cibolo Ranch is priceless!

  17. sheriwhispers you are real close. This is a chance to have more time to share the Gospel and awake the people to the cabal. Put the watchmen in all our prayers for protection. Put the candidates that will resist the world government in our prayers for protection. I agree also Sarah Holmes. Be nice everybody had positive comments. It's not a life to wake up the dead sleeping people of this country. Should be easy since research is readily available. Probably why God comes and sorts it all out in His Second Coming.

  18. Al-Ra- ous says:

    Scalia faked his death folks.

  19. Why is she laughin 

  20. Sean Dīn says:

    what did scalia's family have to say? we could ask them if he is satanic

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