Future Earth Like Planet – where People will Live (Full Documentary)



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  1. GBE 300 says:

    I'm high watching this.

  2. once we are there we have to figure out a way to save ourselves if something goes wrong, where could we go?? back to earth!!

  3. randy109 says:

    The Continent of Antarctica is huge and has perfect atmosphere for humans.  "Terraforming" Antarctica is far easier than ANY planet we may find.  Enough food could be grown on Antarctica to feed the entire World.  If we can't make Antarctica livable how can we think of Terraforming Mars?  We love our Science Fiction too much (and I admit I'm guilty myself).  Mankind and all of humanity to present is hardwired to explore and open up new lands but until we can make use of the Sahara Desert or the Continent of Antarctica going to other Planets (for any practical purpose) is just our futuristic dreams…

  4. randy109 says:

    The International Space Station (ISS) is only about 240 miles "up".  It is more like a very fast, high altitude aircraft than any type of "Space Explorer".  Our nearby Moon is literally a THOUSAND times farther away than the ISS.  We have to get our children and grandchildren interested in Space Exploration (like I was in the early 1960's) or the funding will dry up.  I was 12 years old when Apollo Landed on the Moon and I knew every Mercury or Gemini Astronaut by name and their missions.  Now, most children or adults can even name one person on the ISS or even which Expedition # is currently up there (#46 by the way as of this writing).  Except for us geeks that watch stuff like this video very few people know, or care about spending hundreds of Billions of Dollars to even go to Mars let alone leave our Solar System.  TOO Much Money that we don't have…

  5. BlueBerry says:

    will we like on mars? o3o

  6. it takes 100lbs of thrust to move one pound in space so wat bout nuclear power n space u can cool the rods with liquid nitrogen creating steam to use for thrust to hopefully push the craft of course the craft would have to be pretty big to contain the reactor and the nitrogen tanks. its a theory of mine.

  7. I can make it myself. Just got instructions from InpliX website and I'm ready for do it :D

  8. Radrook 2 says:

    They don't have a problem with cost in making weapons of mass destruction. Weird!

  9. Radrook 2 says:

    You put up a cable like that and all the terrorists would target it.

  10. in the name of God most Beneficent most Merciful, look what beautiful things the Almighty God the created and made us high above all of his other creation let's all of praise Him and worship Him so and next life we could have that huge place

  11. Ha ha ha, Death is always winner ! Human will never get out of solar system .We are not even able stop meteor size which kill dinosaurs. If it will happen today, human won''t survive either.

  12. Space elevator this genius probably missed 2nd grade class about science.

  13. Billy Bones says:

    And then the muslims moved in and killed evey one who didn't convert to their panoia

  14. It seems that the common theme is cost. Perhaps if we moved toward a non-monetary economics and human society, we could easily and quickly accomplish these things.

  15. kevin4gwen says:

    if we stay on earth r sun will kill us one day…. and the human race will be gone forever….: (:( but if we colonize other worlds the human race can live on for eternity… And that's why we should continue to push forward in space exploration if not just for the pure curiosity of it all

  16. we're all ment to die, so that we may enterbinto the other realm of existence, we are extra dimensional beings we die n enter another dimension, earth is not our only home,

  17. Jack Snow says:

    130 gallons of water a day?! not a chance. i barely use a quater of that.

  18. What made Copernicus choose heliocentricity as an optimal approach for the world ?

  19. nobeetroot says:

    well if we did it in 1960s without knowing about the Vanallen belts why is it such a job know,man's greatest achievements in space are all CGI, and still selling it

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