Future World War 3,Depopulation,and NWO Plans For The Future


Knowing the plan of the NWO Elite to control every aspect of your life to rule over you and you pray for the essentials to survive . October 1 will be in the army …


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  1. KevZen2000 says:

    Thanks,and dingoman09 you keep posting the truth on your channel.

  2. Great information! Keep them coming, Im posting them all on myspace, going out to almost 1300 people on there…God bless you, chatham888

  3. KevZen2000 says:

    Post them everywhere chatham888, and I am glad 1300 people see the truth.I will be searching and sharing the truth on Youtube.Add the videos to your channel.Time is short and thanks and God bless.

  4. Goodness. If this be true,we are in dire straits. And I was just about to be persuaded that Obama should have his chance to prove himself and set the house to order,despite his apparent lack of experience vis-a-vis Clinton.

    If WW3 comes,survivors may have to resort to eating those who perished. It is not an idea that comes easily. But five migrants rescued after 15 days lost at sea off Haiti attested to their resorting to it. They respectfully waited 15 to 20 minutes before consuming the dead

  5. Itztli87 says:

    so eat up now before they come for you. I'm eating some great lasagna now and I'm honestly about to jizz my pants.

  6. DarnLevel says:

    Om nom nom nom… I like hamster food!!!

  7. art idt says:

    the depopulationagenda is logical even african americans dont want to work in food stores anymore and are beeing replaced by machines´╗┐

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