Sub for more: | Daily Star reports, RUSSIA appears to be poised for war as a footage has emerged of a mass movements of Vladimir …


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  1. you make it sound like some kind of free happy meal available at McDonald's. …WW3 ain't no micky mouse business. ..we're talking millions of innocent lives being killed…rape, stealing,…though you can't believe everything you hear on this channel. …what have you done to prepare for death?…only when death faces you will you realise it's reality. ..

  2. Let me get my popcorn

  3. Photoshop Putin is inmortal and only defend from nato agresion

  4. Le Nomade says:

    Remember military are not there to save you but to serve the goal of the corporation….

  5. I am curious if China will join in the War Game to help Russia. Then it will be WW3.

  6. Brett Jones says:

    if you live in America you know dam well that Obama ain't the one behind none of that shit. it's the fucking white folks who hold the dam ace not him open ur dam eyes and stop being fucking stupid. Bush in his daddy fuck the world up. so please stop with the bullshit

  7. JDocs says:

    This has to be in response to our military surveillance plane that was spotted close to their borders. provocation

  8. Go home Ukraine, your drunk! Go home to your mother.

  9. nz 14011 says:

    both of those snippets are from footage back in July

  10. Ukraine is not a NATO member, a Russian incursion into Ukraine would NOT trigger WW III by any logical, legal stretch of the imagination.

  11. wmfivethree says:

    If Putin attacks Ukraine, we will find a way to crapweasel out of fighting him like we did when he backed Assad. There's a thing calked a "bus" under which the NWO throws its allies when tney become inconvenient.

  12. You all think America and NATO will go to War with Mighty Russia because of Ukraine???…Bullshit

  13. Truthseeker says:

    You don't know what is happening. Look at what happened in the G20. Germany, Turkey stands next to Xi Jinping. Canada joins the AIIB. What war?
    Japan shakes hands with China with a big smile. Philippines call Obama an SOB. Things have changed. You are still sticking with your stupid Christian narrative. You are a frog living in a well, you only see the sky so big.

  14. Jack Groning says:

    Please give me one Bible Scripture for a WWlll senerio in our near future..Just one..And I say GOODLUCK finding it!!

  15. Eki Rasche says:

    Let the games begin.

  16. R Singh says:

    Putin is the man…

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