Game Theory: Polybius, MK Ultra, and the CIA’s Brainwashing Arcade Game


Polybius is the biggest video game urban legend. An arcade game that brainwashes its players with subliminal messages. Most write it off as a glitchy version of …


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  2. The beginning made me wonder if I was watching the wrong video.

  3. He hasn't changed him format or jokes in 4 years. I applaud him.

  4. RetroGama says:

    yvan eht nioj

  5. I came here because of Disturbed.

  6. Wes Weaver says:

    Anyone want a used Polybi-

    [This comment has been removed]

  7. john Trestni says:

    If you are wondering who that magician he mentioned is, his name was John Mulholland and here is a link to a book about him

  8. Oh man, the old nostalgic intro….

  9. at the end literally the moment the screen went fuzzy lightning went off outside… well time for bed

  10. EVERYONE WATCHING! I'm not sure if anyone found this… But look in captions!!

  11. Trunks Soliz says:

    why did subtitles turn on for me on this video called English-Polybius script?

  12. TerranHunter says:

    Has anyone read Armada by Ernest Cline? I swear I read about Polybius and government simulations, watch a video about Zootopia then i'm like CONSPIRACY!

  13. exo GS says:

    my favourite GT. it's kinda unsettling, this episode, isn't it?

  14. Corvax says:

    so can people still play the game and have these effects?

  15. Chad DeWolf says:

    Before u watch it: Not matpat does fake creepypastas? After u watch it: … Oh… My… God… (questions everything)

  16. UnderCovers says:

    3:20. can someone be my captain?

  17. A Troll. says:

    This Comment Has Been Removed By The U.S Government.

  18. How have I never seen this…?!

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