Gamers smash plan to tax violent video games


GAMERS are outraged at a US proposal to tax violent video games and donate the proceeds to the victims of violent crime.

US Vice President Joe Biden says there is “no legal reason” why taxing games such as Mortal Kombat would be an issue.

Gamers smash plan to tax violent video games

The Vice President spoke after meeting with senior religious leaders, who suggested that proceeds of the tax should go towards victims of gun violence and their families, reported the website

Gamers have come out strongly against the idea, with Forbes journalist Dave Thier saying the idea of taxing the games goes against the First Amendment of the American Constitution – the right to free speech.

“The Supreme Court has been clear that video games, from Tetris on up to Grand Theft Auto 5, get the same protections under freedom of speech as other media,” he wrote. “The idea of specifically taxing violent video games based on the notion that they are corrupting America’s youth runs directly counter to that idea.”

Twitter response has also been strong, with many game enthusiasts branding the Vice President as out of touch.

@kamikaze8 tweeted: “If they don’t tax violent movies, books, etc. too, they’re just waiting to get sued.”

Another gamer,  @Venom_Man4 tweeted “Biden thinks there is nothing wrong with having a extra tax on video games if they are violent? Wow give me a break with this nonsense.”

@iPee tweeted: “While Joe Biden says there’s ‘no legal reason’ to NOT tax video games, I’m sure the internet has a few million other reasons why it’s wrong.”

As notes, this sort of concern is nothing new. The Obama Administration has funded research into the effects of violent video games on young people following the Sandy Hook tragedy, and is in fact a common theme in the wake of any major national tragedy. At this point there’s no indication that Graham’s suggestion will come to fruition, with Vice President Biden saying that a study should be made on the effects violent video games have on developing brains.

Justice Minister Jason Clare, whose portfolio legalised the R18 rating for games, has weighed in, promising Australia wouldn’t tax violent video games.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Hey Biden, while i have no need for violent video games or you. Here is a reason not to tax them.
    Taxation without representation.
    We all know that your kind create false wars just to tax the people to their deaths.

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