Garry Sandhu – Mere Bare | Latest Punjabi Song 2015


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  1. pammi100 says:

    great song with a good video. Well done Gary.

  2. Ruel Palalon says:

    garry singh is handsome singer punjabi

  3. very nice song n funny n top hits song Gerry sandu

  4. garry sandhu songs very very nice and also person good

  5. Sukhvir Kaur says:

    hahaha very nice song garry i love it

  6. h singh says:

    Fresh sound fresh lyrics… gary sandhu bringing back that UK sound to india good tune and good video

  7. Shahan Shar says:

    Nice Music Honey Singh Is Down

  8. Sukhjit Kaur says:

    nice song brother

  9. Satnam Atwal says:

    bhaji tuhanu milna aa kithe ayie parso tuhade pind gym gya c tuci mille ni uthe ik do waar shop te vini mille dasso kithe ayie ?? and awsm song ???

  10. Surii Khutt says:

    bahut wadiya song aa & video – )

  11. Moreen Singh says:

    I love you Preet ???

  12. faado base and garry you again rock

  13. Shweta Singh says:

    nice song i love this song

  14. N Bains says:

    proud to say my great-nani was a bara-rurka sandhu, so like most jats me and garry share blood some where. love to young brother.

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