Garry’s Mod: DarkRP – WORLD WAR 3! #51


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20 Responses

  1. Dearjohn554 says:

    You going to upload the drug empire 2 video?

  2. In the darkrp that i play sometimes it bugs and i can put people in my pocket and their screen turns white onetime i with a gundealer all the weps he bought came for me

  3. And i kidnapped the mayor using my pocket

  4. 07:03 Dont sell him guns! bang Thanks for that :)

  5. Fire Fly says:

    Whats the servers name or ip? plz :)

  6. bob the asshole is utterly a mother fucking retarded 6 yearold who was dropped on his head on purpose alot

  7. Purkd says:

    is it ok that i sent that kid a friend request XD

  8. Nikli mig says:

    no hate only love <3

  9. join the Elite army it epic

  10. is Gmod work on Windows 8.1 ???

  11. You're vids are awesome

  12. His name isn't there

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