Gavin Friday – You, me & World War Three




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  1. jorasave says:

    from mission impossible sound track my fav

  2. Such a beautiful song…yet all he says could be truth in a matter of seconds…only we are too 'asleep' to realize. It brings back such haunting memories….a sad time in my life. Yet, both the song and video are absolutely gorgeous –for the time…

  3. 2487 views???? People are screwed up with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

  4. Love this song.Too bad the USA does'nt play him.But I'll be keeping my music eye on this one.MAD LOVE!

  5. kimiraxx says:

    ειναι κομματαρα απο τις λιγες!!!!ατμοσφαιρικο-ταξιδιαρικο που λενε!!!!και πολυ φωναρα ο τυπος!!!!

  6. kai piopalia ebgaze akoma pio kala

  7. @VALKYRIA1195 εχω 2 βινιλια αυτο με τον man seezer και το if i die i die με τουσ virgin prunes του 82 η 83 αυτο πιστευω με φουστεσ οι τυποι κι ετσι αλλεσ εποχεσ chao

  8. slodkilu says:

    kocham ten utwór jest taki majestatyczny

  9. Tubester001 says:

    Extremely GOOD stuff. I've been listening to Gavin since '96. It's true what Bono once said…Gavin definitely should've been a bigger hit than anyone allowed him to be.

    Thank you, Gavin, for being as awesome as you are. And I'm TOTALLY loving your mewest album! Keep em coming!! 😀

  10. annzulma says:

    supersong and voice

  11. this is my favorite song since 1996, 😀 , .. ..

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