Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy


by “Le Gall”

“Le Gall” is a contralto singer, and writer of Breton origin

France– Homosexuality is strange and repugnant to those who do not experience sexual attraction for their own sex, effectively depriving themselves of progeny. The Why, and How of homosexuality is not our concern here. Our concern is its use by the elites and LGBT people for the establishment of a one-world government.

The LGBT movement was born in the 90s in the U.S. and reached France in the 2000s.

Websites such as Gay Romeo have millions of members, and may provide more than 100 000 connections an hour. It is through such websites that an International Gay Movement functions.

The militant homosexual discourse, both right and left, advances the elimination of nations by identifying gays with the One World Order. LGBT are strongly involved in undermining the notion of family, homeland, and the roots of Christianity….

Gay activism is a puppet of Jewish lobbies and Freemasons. The formula is mathematical, the stronger Jews and FM lobbies are, the stronger the gay lobby, and the promotion of bisexuality, feminist ideology, abortion, immigration and so on. In other words, the stronger the attack on societal health and cohesion.

It is really a war against civilization, as anti-Christian as it is anti-Islamic. Religion is a natural obstacle to a New World Order. LGBT activism,especially leftist, is part of this agenda.

The flood of pornography stuns the masses, makes them more animal and thus more malleable. . Note also the infantilism or arrested development that strikes many young gays, very sensitive to the lure of consumer society.

A sick overvaluation of youth and and a of fear old age and death, contaminates  all of civilization.

The LGBT movement, supposedly liberating agent is extremely harmful to traditional cultures. While some have managed to seamlessly integrate the homo-or transsexuality (Thailand etc..) others have rejected it.

Gay activists therefore have the task of creating a sub-masonry, a new branch lobby. Note that any dark sexuality, including sadomasochism, is also honored. All the Hollywood stars are gay-friendly. It’s a scandal if a celebrity reveals a different opinion or criticizes homosexuality. Any artistic or political career may suffer or be immediately destroyed. There is what I call a new Stalinism of political correctness, and part of this Stalinism, a pink or rainbow politburo. The former victims are the new executioners.

In France, organizations such as SOS Racism, Licra, MRAP, directed and created by Jewish groups monitor thought and terrorize anyone who does not conform.  SOS Homophobia is found in the same lineage. It is not a call for tolerance; it  promotes homosexuality to heterosexuals.

What these movements, all sponsored by the french state, call tolerance is actually a power defense favorable to the Illuminati Jewish cause of world government.

Illuminati Jewish and mason-controlled France gives many grants to gay activists. LGBT is a new Slavery disguised as Freedom. Gay Pride itself is a grotesque masquerade. Gay sex is more a prison than straights imagine.

Homosexuality will be promoted in the NWO, especially as many members of the Illuminati Jewish community are also Freemasons and gay, (Pierre Berger, Bertrand Delanoë, Jack Lang) – and often Hiv positive. They want to make little-Jews out of gays, partners in oppression.  LGBT pretends not to understand the challenge it represents to the human community. In this way, the LGBT propaganda deceives itself !


Among the many commonalities between the NWO and the gay circle, we note:

– Idolatry of celebrities, singers and actors / actresses, real puppets from the top of the pyramid.

– infantilism

-Adoration of the consumer society and its most stupid sides (“Gay Day” at Disneyland Paris, for instance )

– Overvaluation of sexual pleasure

– Uprooting family values

– Spiritual decay

– Overvaluation of the brainwashed youth at the expense of ancient wisdom

– Identification with an oppressed minority (as Illuminati Jews in fact run the financial system, and so the world)

– Identification with a “sexual orientation” and not a country, a culture …

– Vision of a border-less world, and hope for the establishment of an « international gay organization » (and why not a future land ?)

-Porn subculture that channels the “energy” of the masses.

– Foreign children adoption by gay couples, which leads to the aggravation of a population by substituting a new form of immigration and thus a culture of miscegenation.

-Masquerade of Gay Pride and an expression of a fake joy

-Destruction of natural landmarks and boundaries between Feminine and Masculine.

– Narcissism

– Dark sexuality which leads sometimes to dark spirituality, as satanism…( on Gayromeo, for instance, many profiles use diabolical symbols and the website itself uses a “666” decoration on a cake image  for their 6 th birthday. Other websites like “gaynok”  openly promote bareback gay sex. “Plan jus”  means “sex with spunk” )

An examination of the LGBT movement and the dangers it poses to humanity will be absolutely mandatory in the years to come.

“Le Gall’s” website.

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  1. Le Brebis Galleux Blogspot says:

    merci et cordialement !
    Le Gall

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    Well first of…… I have since as long as I can remember searched and looked for informationabout the NWO and the Illuminati….sure theres plenty of information that proves there real (ON THE INTERNET) But who are the people behind the pages written about the NWO. I mean I came to think of this the other day… what of this information for sure is actually themselves trying to manipulate is into thinking these things…..
    For one thing this tortures and messes with my mind… Ive practically grown up beliving the goverment is evil amd the world is being controled by the so called Illuminati but lets think if they are in control of everything then why would they let these people get away woth ppsting these kinds of things on the internet wouldnt that be exposing them woch is exactly what they wouldnt want…..what if they want to be exposed….or what if its another group who is exposing these people and blaming them…… we should think alll of this…. Okay so anyways Im gay….. so Im sure anyone who read all this was agreeing until they read “Im Gay” … what if the Illuminati or the group who is responsible is trying to make these groups look bad….. okay so Ill admit it….. an opinion or a feeling towards something is well yours….. Maybe there is a way that the gay community has been well manipulated into thinking a certain way….first of all the whole I want to be a girl thing….. FUCK THAT…..Im gay if I like men its because well I like men…. if I wanted to dress like a girl or am attracted to men who do then why not just go with a girl….this is all very stupid….. I mean Ill be honest I am not the manliest guy but hate to see a gay guy make a dool out of himself by dressing like a girl…. another thing is because of tjis sprt of manipulation we could become weak in mind and soul…… According to the internet theses Illuminati have actual groups of withes or a Grande Mother…. these are people who mess with peoples minds…. and actually they train there kids to be stroger in mind because if they are not they are practically useless and could actually become there sacrifice @.@ yes this is very evil indeed
    It scares me how people can a tually worship such monstrosity.
    The Devil is becoming powerful as well by making gay communitys haye God because supposedly he hates them…..
    Forst of The Bible is well feom what I read is very coded as in secret…..Thats why you cannot “read” the Bible but read between the lines…… Okay so if only one sentence in the Bible IN THE BEGGINING whe are talking Genesis here is full of secret things then whay could become of the whole Bible….
    fost of the Us version of The Bible we find that when it says Bible words:”Let us create man in Our image.” okay so why the hell is it Our image is it not him creating humans is he talking about the angels??? Well this could change everything….. Besides Why would God put us in a garden with a Tree of Good and Evil that would give is KNOWLEDGE and then say it is forbidden to eat from it???? Is it not knowledge that the Illuminati hide from us???? Okay so you read this and say what the FUCK is this guy saying God is evil well yes and no…. I Believe in a creator and love him and thank him for making our worl and putting us in it…. But The Bible is “hidden” whe are not reading it correctly…… This God who created man and put him in this controled area where they couldnt know about knowledge could be a different person not our creator….. what if the Iluminati went back to Adam and Eve….what of there was still life before Adam and Eve…… what if Adam and Eve is a representation of how the Illuminati controled people and hid Knowledge from them….I read all this somewhere and Jve gotta be honest I dont trust it entirelt because Im afraid its true…… what if the God in the first testement isnt truly our “GOD” and in Noahs time who was this ELOHIM??? Im just a teengaer I hope I get to learn lots more because I feel empty with so manu quesrions at hand……. just think about it….in the first testament God is very aggresive…… amd in the second he is Holy and beautiful why is there so much change from one tesament to another…I wish to study the Bible if I can…. I judt need time….another thing the Illuminati take from us!!!!-
    I hope you think about this reader –
    sincerely T.W

    • peter says:

      I’m gay as well. I am totally against new world order and the satanic societies. There are many homosexual christians standing up for Jesus and who are ready to stay true to Christ, whether we will be put in prison or worse. No way will I accept the mark of the beast.
      Blessings of peace and love to all followers of Yahweh and Yeshua.

  3. 5D says:

    Pretty interesting article, I both agree with some of it and disagree with other bits.
    For sure the gay community has been hijacked to dish out the same hate to christians as they received. But what does an eye for an eye get you!?
    I was taught by jesus not to pass judgment on others. Try improving your own life maybe instead and share that inner inspiration with those you love?
    I dont see myself as part of the gay community, in fact I hate the word gay and never describe myself that way it sounds stupid.
    God created me as a homosexual. But I am so much more than that.
    What you are doesn’t define your character, only what you do does.
    I dont condone clone mentality or feel the need to be a sexually provocative person or feel the need to blame my own personal problems on another group of people.
    I’m happy with who I am and so are my family and friends.
    The majority of young gay people need to take their lives back from drug dealers and sexual mind control manipulation.
    I’m a homosexual man in a secure relationship with another man, 7 years strong.

  4. RapIlluminati says:

    This article is dead on. I’m gay and have recently been awakened. I see the oppression and slavery of my fellow countrymen and people everywhere I look. The gay community is being delivered to hell in a hand basket by the NWO – Illuminati and they don’t realize it! I do want to say this before leaving; I’ve been reading multiple lost books of the bible and I want to say this plainly, it’s not our attraction to the opposite sex that is at issue within the construct of the bible, it’s Lust-Passion-Desire recognized, either physically or mentally, which is the real Sin that befalls even Heterosexuals, all mankind to some degree, and that is the real issue here. Gay people are suffering right along with everyone else. They seem to be the most vulerable group right now as it stands, the illuminati has jumped all over it and us… as a community. We are in trouble.

  5. Richard Sievert says:

    Russia and china and japan have been fooled by a document that was destroyed they must come to there censes or our whole world will be destroyed! ‘America is not the problem the principle’s they are pressed with are! ‘NIXON And his war on drug’s and all the evil men after him, captured the united states of america using war! ‘All of them are on the same side! except for a few. ‘There are good wise, ‘American’s that do not know what to do just like a cia agent told me here ‘I asked her where are these enemy’s she said they are everywhere, ‘I believe her ‘America is under siege by satanist dark powers and we must press back with angels powers, please the first step to doing this is stop eating meat that is the Vatican’s dogma they stopped the chinese from getting the message to us! ‘They killed the three wise men that had the documents from ‘Noah please believe me that is MEAT is the mark of the beast it’s in your skin quit eating it please!
    ‘Than the angels will show you like they have dune for me, and my wife, if anyone touches us your whole world will be set on fire!

  6. Richard Sievert says:

    what better place to hid than behind a child People there are Satanist killers in our government if you do not convict them they will kill us all.
    ‘tic tock angel clock!’

  7. outstanding article. the gays are running rampant in america. America is now cursed we are the new soddom and gommorah. I know the new world order promotes this type of evil activity. gays are just pawns in the game of destruction. Great post you hit the nail on the head. The only people who will argue against you are gays.

  8. Idontthinkso says:

    Uh… the movements can be used as a tool sure…. any movement can. Even christian movements are used for the NWO. I dont think that being anti-gay like this article is going to help true freedom and liberty defeat the NWO.

    • Richard Sievert says:

      you are right some of the bast people in the world are in america and angels are here protecting them, but Satan’s power grows every time they kiss the oligarch devil’s ring!
      We must get the source of there evil and it begin’ with rome! ‘The center of all evil the vatican! Europe has been sickened by the devil and the queen is it’s bride!

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