Gay is the New World Order



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  1. TRUTH!!!………………AMEN!!!

  2. Paige Nash says:

    thank you, God bless amen

  3. Was amazed when seen how far back the was preached you truly hear from Jesus.
    This subject is so sick to people of God but we do not need to be ignorant of satans devices keep preaching the word

  4. Boniswa Ayan says:

    TEACH BROTHER ! I petition to God that other Pastors get the courage to look at the many truths that this man is teaching AND get the courage to teach it also….. especially regarding white supremacist culture from which all this sickness comes from.

  5. G- Razor says:

    thank u brother u changed my life i been listening to u for a min

  6. Brenda Adams says:

    That's what real sincerity from our heart out of love for God and ppl will do pray study hard seek for pure unadulterated truth to help win and save souls for Christ there is a hell and a Loving and living God we all gotta answer to for the life we've lived

  7. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Hallelujah. At last. Current well-spoken man of God God bless you Pastor

  8. I just ran across this video I watch a lot of different vids an alot of different topics..well put together info .I learned more today an understandable

  9. Tonya Woods says:

    The REALEST Pastor I've EVER heard. You have confirmed EVERYTHING. The Homosexual Manifesto makes it all make sense. POWERFUL WORD!!! Thank you for the truth. I feel more free everyday. ?

  10. Lex Luther says:

    everything he says align with Scripture …even book of enoch which is left out the bible ..ol test. with those wicked angels that turn us out to sin…taught us charms , astrology, war, beauty the eyelids , pushing the gay agenda…. now just know when the anti christ exposed dont take the chip inside your hand

  11. Chevy 2 says:

    Wow, they put a planned parenthood as over this video. The lengths Satan will go through to bastardize God's messages

  12. In the mad max movie Fury Road the women were breeders in that post apocaluptic wasteland, Hollywood has already put it in your face, Pastor Darby stands right 100%

  13. Wow one of God Favor he know his stuff

  14. 185Diannah says:

    Pastor Darby, I wished more pastor was teaching and preparing the flock of NWO deception. I am listening to this video over and over so I won't be deceived when I see these things coming. Thank you, Sir, for sharing this awesome message to the world. Blessing to you and your ministry.

  15. 185Diannah says:

    This is coming to the past as it surfaces in government corruption. GOD have mercy on America and all the nations of the earth.

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    We need the Truth! Thank YOU Man of God!! Only the Truth will set us free –
    The Church must wake up ! AMEN!

  17. ken ford says:

    Thanks Pastor Darby, Keep preaching that truth!!!

  18. Dale Smith says:

    You nailed it… know the word…good on ya.

  19. Gay Manifesto is gangsta. Wow!! Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  20. Bruce Mcgee says:

    Pastor Darby… you are the most profoundest preacher I have ever heard. Glory be to Yah for blessing you to bless His people.

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