Gears of War 3 Xbox One – Around the World Rustlung! (Multiplayer Gameplay)


Gears of War 3 Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay – RUSTLUNG! 😀 ○Gears of War 3 Xbox One Gameplay The Slab: ○Gears of War 4 …


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  1. I trys to play GoW3 in Xbox One my gnasher come a second later

  2. Bill Gates says:

    How long Must we Wait The Hype inside me For Gears of war 4 is becoming unstable To handle The Hype build up

  3. i jumped on UE earlier its so slow and boring gow3 allllllll day…..

  4. Amazing Video Lee ( •◡-)✧˖° ♡

  5. Tony Pacheco says:

    SH4DOWZ could,we do some CTL plzzzzZzzzzzzzz

  6. kevin rose says:

    What sensitivity do you play on

  7. Pro RiVeR says:

    sasxshadows why you no wallbounce?

  8. Murthaza H says:

    Video is awesome! Found it funny aswell

  9. we played gow 2 a few days back..i think you deserve the 30.000 subs

  10. Gears UE Is Much Better Than Gears Of War 3 In My Opinion

  11. Roy Aquino says:

    At least no one tried to freeze the map on you man. It ALWAYS happens to me whenever I play this map -___-

  12. Andy jee says:

    when can you tell us about the gears4 beta event

  13. another great episode mate :)

  14. play dude says:

    play with prime gizmo ?

  15. good old gears of war 3! awesome gameplay and commentary yet again :)

  16. Glad you never encountered the freezing glitch. People say it's done a lot on Rustlung but I never experienced it, even after playing it tons of times. Guess people don't know how to do it in EU lol :)

  17. Kid Kicker says:

    what sens you playing on, it looks like your all over the place at times, maybe put it down slightly gears 3 ia much faster than UE

  18. We can play gears 3 on xbox one????

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