Gears of War 3 Xbox One – Around the World Trenches! (Multiplayer Gameplay)


Gears of War 3 Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay – TRENCHES! 😀 ○Gears of War 2 Xbox One Gameplay Hail: ○Gears of War 4 Retro …


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  1. shadow it's not that they don't want to get off they're either playing on back compat or they can't afford one like me

  2. i hope yoy play gears of war 2 3 horde

  3. How are you even playing gears 3 on xbox one, its almost unplayable for me.

  4. Roy Aquino says:

    How do have no lag bro? I'm so jelly. In every lobby I get into, it's so bad :(

  5. Sean Stanton says:

    I can't even comprehend the amount of hours I've spent on Gears 3 man… loved it so much!

  6. How you going to do the map depths? Private lobby?

  7. Retro > Hammerburst in terms of power.

  8. Jordaski1 says:

    Those HeadShots Dow ❌?

  9. Baird is my forever Favorite gears Character Favorite Quotes- Oh, this is just wrong… I'm coughin' up blood that ain't mine! And also (If Left DBNO) Aw come on, I wouldn't do this to you!… Okay, maybe I would

  10. Trenches is an awesome map. Wasn't good in the Beta but glad they made the changes to make the Digger area accessible via spawn paths. Made it tons better. Not bad shooting there :)

  11. my frame rates sucks on gears 3 for the xboz one idk why

  12. Why is my gears 3 choppy when I play it on xbox one :(

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