Gears of War UE – Achievement Hunter VS The World


Achievement Hunter tries their best to brutally kill the world. Get ready to get chain sawed world! || BE PART OF THE AH CREW: …


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  1. DFed324 says:

    What happened to VS?!?

  2. Schadowminer says:

    Matt is like cancer Just less pleasant….i love jeremy though

  3. Really want them to run into Ray in one of these so we can all laugh

  4. Symbiote23 says:

    Ryan single handily just renamed a "Nooner"

  5. Rozen M. says:

    Holy Fuck.. that last game Michael completely obliterated that guy. He got fucked up. Love Gears gameplay.

  6. Loved gears of war, nothing better then a rapid firingun with a chainsaw bayonet attached to it.

  7. Exasperaties says:

    These guys are so bad at gears its the only lets play I cant watch since gears is my main game xD
    I love these guys like no other, only yt channel i watch, but just facepalm xD

  8. Michael (accidentally) sacrificing himself for the team at 15:32 is fantastic to watch at a slower speed.

  9. MikeMacBrady says:

    Does anyone remember the video where Jack told people to leave there game? I remember that part being funny.

  10. MikeMacBrady says:

    Michael's screen looks way better then everyone else's.

  11. Sarah Mills says:

    Achievement Hunter VS ZA WARUDO

    Gavin would be Dio with Dan as his Stand, let's be honest people.

  12. Cole S says:

    i need more of this

  13. Jim P says:

    This gametype is fucking misery to watch. Shitty camping galore.

  14. timyac says:

    Going forward: It's like backing up, but towards victory

  15. I need some help on gears of war on Xbox 360. by getting some achievements xXS4BREWULFXx

  16. DevBizkit says:

    jdoolz singing soca 😀 1 thing AH has the most diverse song collection

  17. ItsGamerDude says:

    I remember the days when I had the first gears of war….

    I exactly remember the easter egg where you can see a man shitting in the window….

  18. skillz says:

    Matt should join FaZe

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