Gen. Mattis: We Are Not Strong Enough To Defend World Order


I find this quite disturbing. It seems Putin is considered as a risk to the Globe Buy the US has been developing. John McCain is asking primary questions about his own crazy private see.


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  1. "Gen. Mattis: We Are Not Strong Enough To Defend World Order"

    General Mattis that isn't your job. Your job is to defend the United States of America and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Do your job.

  2. Dale CSC says:

    He is deranged and evil, Graham too. I hope they are first on the list to be arrested.

  3. Billy Kelen says:

    Mccain received money from a foreign government and yeah he is a traitor hopefully he will be going to prison.

  4. Billy Kelen says:

    Mccain is a traitor

  5. Kurtlane says:

    Yuck, Putinoids. Yuck!

  6. Harris Anne says:

    McCain is the epitome of evil. He is a criminal COWARD of epic portions. How do you sleep at night. You are a disgrace to every male & female in uniform. A shame to every American. A total embarrassment to your family. Take a good long look in the mirror and DIE!

  7. E Rik says:

    This guy is probably the biggest fucktard in politics and a great representative of Team Obama, he seems to be in complete denial of the atrocities committed in the middle east by America, although no surprise really when you consider the policy's of the left are based on deflection and hurt feelings, yet to see any sign of political content or accountability.

  8. can't believe this fucks talk about history when we are number one at fucking everything

  9. fuck the new world order fight back EU and the un is part of one world government we will be all slaves to them fuck them

  10. NewAgeGirl says:

    McCain is paid by George Soros to behave badly.  He's part of the NWO Washington Swamp

  11. big Cahuna says:

    There's always plenty of money for war, but never enough for healthcare, pensions, hospitals, schools. Doesn't America already spend double what China and Russia spend combined ? That's nice for the international bankers and industrialists. Not so nice for the tax slaves, the wounded and the dead.



  14. B. Glynn says:

    Get rid of john McCain and the world will be a happier place

  15. DAZZLE ME says:

    McCain a war hawk…scumbag!Cant believe he is still sitting in the peoples house!

  16. the Ukraine government is maffia.

  17. I believe that Mr Trump and Mr Putin will come to a positive understanding with one another and this should in turn lead to a diminished level of tension between USA/Europe and Russia. In my view, the real unknown factor is China. If China feels that the West and Russia are somehow pushing them into a corner, then China might become volatile.

  18. This war maniac wants to destroy the human race.

  19. lycan73 says:

    fuck John McCain

  20. atomic3939 says:

    McCain reminds me of Carl…in "Slingblade".

  21. EnduringArts says:

    5:37 he snuck the word "NEW" in there…

  22. it's a shame the united States. went from a powerhouse and in eight years we got to this point where we have to start picking up the pieces. someone should of taken control of the lackness of the prior president something was wrong their to much brotherhood.

  23. These men in their high positions are mentally disturdeb!

  24. Shut your mouth mcain your traitor to our country mother fucker

  25. Brian Brown says:

    Can McCain retire already?

  26. Linda Riddle says:

    Poor old McCain…think it's time for him to hang it up….

  27. Chrystal E says:

    Make no mistake mccains is talking NWO but Mattis is not stupid and responded referring to CURRENT WORLD ORDER. 'When you hear the whole speech' Mattis made the key word Mattis uses in terms of Russia is DEFENSE not offense as that treacherous cold war relic maccain would have it. McCain knows he is trying to hustle his his superior but Mattis is pulling his chain.. and shutting him down, ie giving the traitor no reason to make trouble. Mattis had revealed the NWO and a strong American military are mutually exclusive so its either one or the other and so shut down mccains NWO. Mattis reasoning and mental agility is awesome for his age, he has my respect, he is a real father of the nation. Well done, President Trump.

  28. alex jefry says:

    All you have to do McCain is just give California to Mexico!

  29. Pamela Sue says:

    McCain is a piece of dogshit. Unfortunately obama has severely weakened our military and it needs to me mended. Not for war but for intimidation.

  30. I'm sorry, but if it was the intention of the New World Order to bankrupt American Society, I am guessing that our leaders would never have signed up for it. John McCain needs to retire since the voters in Arizona are too stupid to stop putting his corpse back in office.

  31. Kurtlane says:

    Frankly, we are no longer strong enough to defend ourselves.

  32. Child of God says:

    I'm so sick of John McCain, he scares me…..I highly dislike Ba-rack Obama, but I truly think that this country would be in much worse shape if McCain had become President in 2008 than it is now under Ba-rack.

    I cannot believe how rabid these people are against Russia…how many times McCain sits there with that smug look on his face naming Putin how many damn times…jeez!

    What Mattis says from around 4:46 onward disturbs me….

  33. so McCain opposes EU army!

  34. Yes, Putin did NOT invade Ukraine or Crimea, a coup was staged, fascist pro-NATO Neo Nazis came to power in Kiev, Eastern Ukraine (ethnically Russian) and Crimea seceded but only Crimea successfully, to which Russia accepted.
    The only things Putin is conquering is ISIS and Obama's pathetic "legacy".

  35. Micha EL says:

    I find it very disturbing as well. Not only Did Lindsey Graham and John McCain both admit they are Card carrying members of the NWO. But this sounds like McCain is asking Mattis if he's onboard with the NWO !

  36. LastStitch says:

    John Mcain is A Fkake And a Great American Pussy

  37. If Trump could lower the hostility towards Russia and talk with Putin about their mutual concerns, maybe WW3 won't be needed.

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