There are two colleges of imagined concerning the Georgia Guidestones, also known as the American Stonehenge. Some think that the guideline stones symbolize a new system of action to retain humanity on observe after we ruin each other in a nuclear apocalypse. Many others think that the new Stonehenge is an evil monument instilling the values set forth by none other than the New Entire world Order.

You are cost-free to appear to any conclusion you will about the Georgia Guidestones, but its appropriate to see what the creators of this monument have to say to start with.

“We, the sponsors of The Georgia Guidestones, are a smaller team of Individuals who would like to emphasis awareness on difficulties central to the present quandary of humanity. We have a simple message for other human beings, now and in the future. We think it incorporates self-apparent truths, and we intend no bias for a distinct creed or philosophy. Still our message is in some areas controversial. We have picked out to keep on being anonymous in purchase to steer clear of debate and competition which might confuse our indicating, and which might delay a viewed as assessment of our feelings. We think that our precepts are audio. They ought to stand on their have deserves.

“Stonehenge and other vestiges of historic human feelings arouse our curiosity but have no message for our steerage. To convey our ideas across time to other human beings, we erected a monument — a cluster of graven stones. These silent stones will screen our ideas now and when we have long gone. We hope that they will benefit raising acceptance and that as a result of their silent persistence they will hasten in a smaller degree the coming age of motive.

1. “In 1980, as these stones had been becoming lifted, the most pressing planet trouble was the will need to control human numbers. In latest hundreds of years engineering and ample fuels have produced attainable a multiplication of humanity far over and above what is prudent or extensive sustainable. Now we can foresee the impending exhaustion of those people energy sources and the depletion of planet reserves of quite a few essential uncooked components.

“Virtually each and every nation is now overpopulated in phrases of a perpetual equilibrium with mother nature. We are like a fleet of overcrowded lifeboats confronted with an approaching tempest. In the United States of The united states we are severely overtaxing our resources to maintain our present populace in the present state of prosperity. We are destroying our farmland and we have grown dangerously dependent on exterior sources for oil, metals and other nonrenewable resources. Nations this kind of as Japan, Holland and Haiti are even far more severely overpopulated and, hence, in greater jeopardy.
two. “Managing our replica is urgently required. It will call for big improvements in our attitudes and customs. Unfortunately, the inertia of human custom can be excessive. This is specially true when those people for whom custom is a dominant force are uninformed of the will need for modify.

“In these instances, replica is no for a longer period exclusively a personal subject. Society ought to have a voice and some electrical power of way in regulating this essential functionality. The wishes of human couples are crucial, but not paramount. The interests of present culture and the welfare of future generations ought to be offered raising thought as we acquire mechanisms to convey rational control to our childbearing.
“Irresponsible childbearing ought to be discouraged by authorized and social pressures. Partners who simply cannot deliver a first rate cash flow and support for a little one should really not develop young children to be a load for their neighbors. Bringing unneeded young children into an overcrowded lifeboat is evil. It is unjust to those people young children. It is unsafe for the other occupants and all living matters. Society should really not stimulate or subsidize this kind of habits.
“Information and strategies for regulating human replica are now in existence. Ethical and political leaders all through the planet have a grave accountability to make this know-how and these strategies generally available. This could be accomplished with a portion of the cash, which the planet now devotes to navy function. In the extensive run, diverting cash into this channel could do far more than anything else to lessen the tensions, which lead to war.
three. ‘Four significant stones in the central cluster are inscribed with 10 precepts, each stone carrying the exact same text in two languages. In the English model the message totals much less than one hundred text. The languages have been selected for their historic importance and for their impact on individuals now living. Since there are a few thousand living languages, not all could be picked out.

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  1. Jim Graves says:

    Know them by their works. And if those days were not shortened, there would be no flesh saved alive.

  2. Maybe you should start the depopulation shoot yourself in the face!!

  3. actually i feel we may have thousands of years ago or more came from a completely different place. our creatorbuild this place to support our way of life. this is not tge place we come from. so many people feel disconnected and oit of ballance. this cannot be home. iur technology seems to come from the ether and we can find no source of tge creation only the traces and pieces of what we are allowed to know and have. is it possible we keep destroying ourselves? and could it be our fate that we as human's cannot seem to grasp the destructive effects of our efforts? we are nearing a gap that wrre about to jump and this gap will tell of our past, present and future. but more importantly will give us the pourpuse we desperately seek to find. who and what we re and where we really come from.

  4. Jay 'Ontario says:

    Great! look forward to an evil greedy few to shackle us down as slaves……#beastofburden

  5. Uvrak Daniel says:

    whats about birth controll?

  6. Snooker B says:

    You lost me with overpopulation as well as WE are destroying our farmland. WE ARE NOT DESTROYING..THEY ARE. Google GEOENGINEERING, MONSANTO. THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR FARMLAND. You're a fraud!

  7. first name says:

    did you say 500 billion? bacasue that stone says million…

  8. Let those false stones fall. Deep innto the pit they came from… Let the 'select few' depopulate themselves to start… maybe others will fololow by example.

  9. well. if it is not in your language.. the zionists do not need you…

  10. well. if it is not in your language.. the zionists do not need you…

  11. oh shut up. the depopulation of the planet is total bs. you can fit the population of the planet at 6 billion into jacksonville florida. so shut up. oh and you apparently think that we are to stupid to know that there are technologies such as water running engines etc tht would eliminate all your cray fucking ideas on how to maintain the planets green status. the elite of the world should be ashamed. satanic disgusting people… if you can call them that. do the research yourself people. everything you know is a lie. the devil is the master of deception and he has been working his master plan since day one. some of you probably think im crazy but dont stand behind your opinions until you do the research yourself. you might just be surprised what you find. 9/11 decade of deception… good place to start if your interested at all in making sure im as crazy as you think

  12. How can we all have purpose in life if there are those trying to execute us?

  13. Is it too late for me to say that I don't even want children in the future? Or that I don't know anyone that does want children?

  14. Tom Thumb says:

    Surprised they are still standing

  15. This plan has been going on for over 90 years. This is where they were made public.

  16. First Last says:

    Not simple but made by simple minded

  17. very ncie video, thanks, this monument is realied with the airport of Denver, very closely

  18. Oh, the sorrow behind this evil. For man, any man, to think he (or she) is above or equal to God the Creator. To even dream of being so, is both blasphemous and crafty. To lead others to do your bidding and follow is even worse. God have mercy on the souls of anyone who follows these guidelines. We'll be gone, be one of those that leave, not one that stays. God bless.

  19. mobdogs says:

    I like how you named the animals

  20. Morty says:

    It's not a bad idea I mean it's over populated we need to get rid of the most useless race which we all know what race that is and keep evolving the human race

  21. What was the last language they showed?

  22. about 10 000 000 people speak hebrew
    about 220 000 000 people speak french
    why not writing in french ??????????????????????

  23. jeremia says:

    God said that people will make one government controlling the world, and you people that Agree with these commandments are just either mad at yourselves or mad at God because you did not receive what you wished for. God does not just hand things out he gives what you need, other then that there is no point of even acknowledging these meaningless rocks, The world will never be perfect burn that in your brains… I don't care if you disagree these stones are nothing but a disgrace America.

  24. Marc Dean says:

    i think the stone had a good message which is love and peace

  25. A pathetic attempt to intrude on the freedoms of others. Extremely intellectually dishonest, as it pretends to be proportioned to reason while embracing poorly structured and false axioms. 

    I have a degree in philosophy with heavy emphasis in formal logic. The arguments propounded by the individuals that support this are incoherent and ignorant to the infinite multitude of resources that surround us throughout t he universe. Thereby, the worst claim this makes is 'we must solve problems here before venturing out into space' when space yet holds so many solutions. 

    Keep your untenable intellectual dishonesty to yourself please.

  26. 2windswords says:

    The Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1979, What was the earths population at that time? About 4.5 – (please read the next post for rest of the comment you tube cut it off)

  27. 2windswords says:

    billion. The first of the 10 statements says to limit the population of the earth to 500 million – but it doesn't represent the number that way. It says "500,000,000" – not "500 million". What was the population of the earth at that time? 4.5 billion. How do we write that in the way that the Guidestones did? 4,500,000,000. So the population was 4,500,000,000 at the time and the stones say limit the population to 500,000,000. 4,500,000,000 (not written on the stones) and 500,000,000.

    4500000000 &

    What's missing? A zero. Population was 4,500,000,000. Stones say limit (grow no further) the population to 500,000,000. Now add a zero to the 500 million. What do you get? 5 Billion or 5,000,000,000. That's right folks. Whoever cut and inscribed the stones left off a zero. Limit the the further growth of the population to 5 billion from the present (at that time) 4.5 billion. That is what the stones are really saying. My apologies to all the fear porn peddlers.

  28. Lauren Lucas says:

    God is my only king I fear no man

  29. Lauren Lucas says:

    Children are a blessing

  30. Lauren Lucas says:

    Blaming us get out of here

  31. Lauren Lucas says:

    The lies you tell

  32. Wendy Davis says:

    A small group of people who sit around and chew the fat in a country club or parlor, devising schemes, most probably 3rd generation offspring of wealth, have no right to determine our fate.  The damage around us is the result of their business plans, not ours.  Our lives were designed by them, not us.  Being born into a world where we are expected to do nothing but work and shop is cheating 6 billion people out of enjoying their lives, a gift and miracle I do not need to explain. 

    Bad management rules the day.  So do frauds, pathological liars, master thieves and incompetent offspring or member of some old-boy's club.  Look around.  It's a freaking MESS.  And they think we are the problem? 

    Pause and consider handing this "small group" of people our world, and then perhaps you'll understand that burning it down in a sterilization event would be the preferable choice.  Deviants, Degenerates, Derelicts, Neurotic and Self-Absorbed assholes do not belong at the top of the ladder.  But you can be certain you will find them at the top of a Ponzi scheme pyramid.

  33. Diane Brooks says:

    It's too bad the liberal moron that narrates this ridiculous video doesn't understand that, instead of writing down their ideologies in stone for impact, they should take their message, in particular #2, to the government-created low income, poverty stricken inner cities and preach their message to those people, who typically have multiple children without any means to afford them, and they grow up, have multiple children (unless they are k illed or in prison), etc., etc.  HOWEVER, these people are no worse than these self-important pricks who think they can rule the world with their ideologies!  Good luck with that!

  34. Samuel Rai says:

    Satan/Lucifer and all the fallen angels does not want to go to eternal hell alone.So he wants to hold you and take you with them.Its all his powerful plan.BUT Sorry Devil,we are already sealed by Almighty God.

  35. dma says:

    I have been checking out the 2014 cube symbols and I think I figured some of it out, maybe this info could help someone else out in investigating the truth…..MM = roman numeral M is 1000, so MM stands for 2000……the number 8 = the year 2008, which is the elite's economic transitions, remember the stock market in 2008, one world currency being organized……the number 14 = 2014  the transition of the government and military, creating a police state, one world government being organized…….the number 16 = 2016 concerning all the religions of the world, one killing off the other to create the all loving (sure…) one world religion…..the number 20 = 2020, this is the year everything the elites have planned for since 2008 will be fully operational. THE NWO……the letters JAM = the phrase " jam dextera computat annos " look it up and see what you come up with because the conclusion I came to on this one is..The Big Question…. you can live forever and have immortality among the god's or you can live among The Almighty GOD's kingdom for all of eternity, you have to make a choice, can't be lukewarm……..also I found that the guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980, if you add 33 years (illuminati number)  you get march 22, 2013, not sure what that date means yet, also notice the date   3-22 this is the number of skull and bones. also the height is 19'3" = 13…..237,746 lbs.= 20…. add together=33……just a side note, the total solar eclipse in the middle of the four blood moon tetrad falls on 3-20-2015 which is Good Friday, some believe this is the day Jesus died on the cross. I just have a bad feeling about this date, please pay attention. 3-21-2015 is the spring equinox and signifying the two houses of Israel…one more note about march, it is the first month of the year according to the Roman calendar. I was also wondering if the 12 languages on the guidestones have anything to do with the 12 lost tribes of Israel.  God Bless, Keep Safe, Always have FAITH !

  36. Ace isMDG says:

    I live in this town…. Iv'e always felt really strange toward the guide stones…. Iv'e seen these for myself and reading it just gives me the shivers….

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