Gerald Celente: IMF = International Mafia Federation


Founder of the Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente shares his thoughts with RT on the declining US economy, austerity measures in Greece, and the IMF.

Celente foresees no recovery in sight, as the bailout money dries up and reality bites. He argues that “too-big-to-fail” has killed capitalism.

“The IMF is nothing more than the International Mafia Federation. They’re the lone sharks of last resort, and the people know it.”

Celente points out that President Obama has no plan in place to solve the debt issue and is not discussing big cuts in the budget. “The politicians are doing nothing more than the bidding for those that pay them off.”



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  2. well said, people talk about IMF and Worldbank a like if that would be the Vatican. This mafia is to protect the source of money emission and its politics and measures of exploring the world til debt death. One day we might have a pill against falseness and hipocrits, the most meaningless humans on earth

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