Gerald Celente: We’re Building Up to World War III


http : // – Gerald Celente , publisher of Trends Journal says : ” We are trying to …


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  1. katemccrew says:

    Gerald is the man.

  2. one state solution wont work, cause the Palestine people are not allowed to vote

  3. and no one cares im sic of trying no one om my side will even help a person who needs help on our side so f this im done  all i will feel sorry for is the animals ALL I WILL FEEL SORRY FOR!!!!

  4. Sher Niemand says:

    Fact ist that, if Israel had made what their cherry said, they would have today open doors to Gaza and they could have today a much better situation like it is today. In this situation today they will have no  solution. NO SOLUTION!!!!!

  5. Gary V says:

    The only GAME in town now on Wall Street is trading in "algorithm light-speed time"– and unless you're super-rich or JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs criminals, etc., you are wasting your money & investments on totally "rigged" markets… 
    Where's our SEC and US Gov’t and our Justice System? Where are the State's Attorney's and DA's to take these Criminals on Wall Street to swift court justice & jail? Why is the SEC and our Politicians not doing anything? — Because they are ALL LOBBYIST BRIBED. 
    STOP VOTING for corrupt LOBBYIST BRIBED Dems and Republican Politicians working with Wall Street & clean the slate in Washington of criminal activity in Congress and save America from total ruin and disgrace !

  6. Sorry Greg but for you to call yourself Devils Advocate then you should at least have correct information on both sides. You clearly do not.. You should do some homework regarding the true situation, theft of land, genocide of a culture.

  7. 9-11, Oklahoma, John McShame starting Isis right in front of our faces and nothing gets done, but this birdagh character, and Manning, lives are ruined with literally no proof of any deaths or damage to our country. Nothing wrong with this big picture.

  8. Moed Prophet says:

    Greg, your attempt to defend so called Israel (because they are Askenaz) and not true Israel is laughable! You continue referencing propaganda intended to deceive the masses in order to continue the holocaust upon the Palestinian People by the Israeli Government. Shame upon you and those who support the lies! Eternal darkness awaits all those who exchange the truth for lies.

  9. He´s got afew points but really should cut out the shouting.

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