German Stormtrooper (World War I)


Infantry Units: German Stormtrooper, World War One

German officers and NCOs would start to experiment with new assault tactics.

This would lead to the creation of elite ‘Stormtroopers’ or Sturmtruppen who would spearhead the German offensive of march 1918 known as ‘Kaiserschlacht’

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Chris Kane

Daniel turner

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Daniel Turner


‘Faceoff’, ‘The Descent’,”Prelude and Action”,”The Descent”

by Kevin MacLeod (
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‘It’s Coming’ by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions


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  1. A Piñata says:

    These lads were no joke, the empires finest.

  2. skrrt yeet says:

    i love these videos!

  3. Djdjf Shfurh says:

    Could you do the reign of genis Khan and the types of tactics and weapons they used please? Or the Korean War ?

  4. thank you for supporting simple history

  5. Kegan Terry says:

    Its hard to take the picture at :31 serious when he looks like a Canadian from Southpark.

  6. Finnish Jäger Soldiers? From both First and Second World War

  7. so that means Germany had the first special forces unit or just a special unit.

  8. can you do British commandos please.

  9. I like how you make the annimation

  10. Leon Guzič says:

    do a video about the German SS

  11. Strange Kid says:

    And somehow Battlefield1 portrais them as Negros.

  12. NinjaPotato says:

    Can you do "The Battle of Delville Wood"
    It was pretty much the battle that South Africa is remembered for in ww1 😀

  13. mb1968nz says:

    did new zealand fight in WW1 and WW2? seems we get overlooked all the time…drat!

  14. Chumboy says:

    I should do a history facts channel with pictures like all the other thousand channels are doing and start a patreon its an easy cash grab

  15. tomah says:

    thank you for the great video once again!

  16. Navi Blue says:

    So Navy seals of ww1


  18. Can you do more Vietnam

  19. Demogames says:

    Plz make a video about ww1 armor

  20. AlmightyWolf says:

    wow! you guys used to have only 40,000 subs now you've doubled!

  21. If you want to translate this episode for community captions leave a comment here!

  22. Do one on the Arditi

  23. TheNinja545 says:

    The Russians were the first to use stormtroopers in history, wasn't as good as the Germans, but they were first. Just like how the German were the first to use airborne troopers in ww2, but the American ones were better.

  24. Dank Lord says:

    Do the French blue devils

  25. thanks for making this simple history your best and it's educational

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