Get Your Microchip for World War 3


Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 271 – American Voice Radio, October 7th, 2016 – Support The Crowhouse: …


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  1. i agree Permaculture and community is not enough, we need to take the system down and raise awareness like the stories of Romney Stewart and Michael Tellinger…i think the wakefulness of people awaited for the change in the world is a con from the NEw-Age movement so people remain waiting and not acting in doing anything….people are waking up but we so far from the Truth and there is so much to change personally, Cognitive Dissonance is a problem and the prison that Cities are and the Electrosmog that is killing everything….thanks for the show

  2. kevin max says:

    Banks are / will be temporary. They are simply the tools used to coagulate. Once the variety of currencies on this World no longer exist, there will be no need for all the central banks. On a side note, Russia should not be to keen to rely on China, and I would think that Putin is aware of this.  China is and has been The City's best bud, with the IMF doing all they can to elevate the yuan to dominance. The irony of the IMF, United States, and China is….that the IMF operates the United State. the IMF IS and HAS BEEN the acting and functioning Treasury, because the U.S. Treasury was abolished in 1921 Congress passed the ACT to abolish it, and of course Washington DC is simply a place where an international crime syndicate calls its headquarters on American soil.  In America the crime syndicate goes by the name of Federal government, and at other times goes by the name of the United States government…..depending on the issues and which jurisdiction the issues are in.

  3. good stuff Max thank you 🙂
    random acts of kindness reveal the reciprocal nature of reality, energetic communication 🙂
    In Lak'ech Ala'kin

  4. Just ignore foul remarks there all over the internet do not bite. If people can not disagree in a civil manner there must be something else at work.

  5. so far this is one of the most powerful shows you have done

  6. max I just found your site , you do amazing things , good research , thankyou for all you do

  7. 7seven7 says:

    Here are a few other things one can do to start the change!
    At every opportunity present yourself! What does that mean?
    Introduce yourself.
    Example: When standing in line for your latte or grocery store, extend a hand, give a smile, offer an uplifting comment to the next in line, strike up a conversation, this will make the time in line productive and if you can offer little tidbits of awakening all the better.
    Example: As above while standing in line with a friend/partner try to have an enlightening conversation and offer anyone else in line a chance to comment.
    Example: Again when is short lines or alone, most cashiers and/or bagger have name tags, offer a hello using that persons name making a nice comment, this will familiarize them to you opening up more dialogue in the future.
    Example: While shopping and an store associate asks if you need help accept it, even if you don't really need it, it is a captive audience and easy to strike up a conversation at that point and never hesitate to include another who is looking for help while you have the associates attention!
    Example:Stop buy the dollar store and buy a bag of small toys and throw them into your car, when going shopping put one or two into your pocket before going in public. Everyone has seen the upset, bored, or any toddler you happen upon in lines or store, if the chance presents itself offer the child the toy, after asking the parent of course, another chance to start a conversation! I used to do this when I would go to a customers home for estimates of jobs. Occupies the child and alleviates the contention when interacting with the parent. This also works well with pets and keeping dog or cat treats around in the car or your pocket.
    Example: Take walks through your neighborhood, daily, again smile, wave acknowledge those in your walk, present a hand, introduce yourself, before long you will be talking to everyone and of course don't forget your toys and pet treats a great way of introduction!
    There are many other ways these are just a few ways to get, one to know your community, neighbors, two opens up avenues for discussion of enlightening topics, three keeps dogs from barking at you all the time on your walk.
    But most of all, be an example, people are always watching and listening, be brave, be the one to break the ice, this can be very rewarding, especially in your time of need!
    Thanks Max for the Video, good info for sure, good luck next week in Aussie land, don't let them chip you old boy!

  8. Dr. Oz is pushing the microchip propaganda too. It's pretty obvious how these governments are all in cahoots.

  9. vastell1234 says:

    No weapon ever was invented and produced to not be used. People who don't know the people behind the evil of war can guess as much as they like and make themselves feel comfortable by thinking that nuclear weapons won't be used … while I don't doubt the wish to use them … nuclear reactors are atomic bombs built just as well to do harm.

  10. thanks max, i appreciate your perspective

  11. “The goal of any esoteric work must be that of objectivity, first in our understanding of ourselves, and then, as our filters and programs are dislodged, of the world. A true esoteric teaching will, therefore, not only focus on “Know Thyself”, but will also provide knowledge about the reality of our reality. If one or the other of these aspects are missing from a teaching, then you can be certain that it is incomplete, and an incomplete teaching, even if through ignorance of the teacher, even if unconscious, is dangerous.” ― Henry See

  12. Floridalemon says:

    Hey Max, I'm in the states and continue to pull away from the system that is USA Corp. I find my sphere of influence is stable. I feel after Feb, the US election, the awakened will breath a sign of relief and continue our personal unfolding and continue to join together. I know all is well with me and for you.

  13. Ian Evans says:

    You have been thinking again Max….

  14. Major Payne says:

    This guy is like a psychologist. Soothing us. And I mostly always am soothed by an English or Australia Accent. Maybe it's just a throwback to simpler times. Who knows.
    I can say, I wish things were simpler. The horse and wagon has been replaced with Jets, computerized automobiles, etc. I try to find myself in the middle. Never fully immersed or fully removed.
    Although I mostly wish I were fully removed from the modern madness. I was born into it, and simply try to balance technology and nature, feeling that is my only option for the most part. After all, I am not Tarzan of the jungle. But in my dreams, yes I am. And Jane is there with me too.

  15. gravediggy says:

    People are way to distracted and preoccupied these days with there technology's. I'm one…. The reason the populace won't do anything is because there is no unity that's the bottom line.thats where multiculturalism comes into to it, divide and conquer is the name of the game. That's what brings in the one world government.we need sovereign country's.thats why Libya Syria Iraq are gone, China Russia Iran are left.

  16. barleyarrish says:

    i was having a converstion on another channel about the discovery of radiation eating bacteria that produce electricity as bi-product, why is this not being used in fukishima? was the rsponse. if there was a world thermonuclear war to reduce population to georgia guidestone numbers, would this be the point when these bugs would be released 'en masse' is this the plan? because these bugs have been known about for years but no one is using them to clean up the environment in terms of nuclear accidents or depleted uranium munitions.

  17. Barry Cohen says:

    URGENT FACT!— World War 3 is on our doorstep and when it hits you will be exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC cell mutating radiation from the air, water and from the contaminated food you will eat! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! You Need To learn about zeolite for radiation detox. See

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