Ghana Life: Trees, Fairies and Mmoatia



The English thinker and retired army officer, Significant H C Charles, managed that all dwelling points aspire to be human, drawn upwards by the process of evolution fairly than thrust up from underneath by all-natural variety and the survival of the fittest. Charles stated the phenomenon of fairies by saying that they have been what was still left over from the development of a tree. In England, fairies are regarded, even by those who imagine in them, as harmless, usually benevolent creatures, bringing a compact coin to small children who have missing a milk tooth. But in Ghana the trees are additional than twice the sizing of English trees, and the fairies, known as mmoatia, are significantly additional strong, widely believed in and practically universally feared.

Charles’s idea is not likely ever to grow to be part of the regular knowledge, but it does encompass a logic that might be improved comprehended in Africa than in Europe or The us. The fetish religions in Ghana recognise that spirits are connected with streams, rocks and trees. In comparison to man, the tree manifests the phenomena of progress, strength and solidity, but what is still left over is motion, the rational brain and self consciousness. Fairies are mostly invisible, potentially incorporeal, but they manifest human intelligence and the power of swift motion. These are precisely the characteristics claimed for the Mmoatia.

Mmoatia are said to be forest creatures, considerably less than thirty centimetres tall, colored black, red or white and with backward pointing ft. They are incredibly active and capable of relocating promptly and silently over very long distances. A Ghanaian on Fb, who calls himself the King of the Mmoatia (Nana Mmoatia Hene), has taken the title: OboaNipa, he allows people, but most Ghanaians would not see the mmoatia as helping human beings. On the opposite, the mmoatia are believed to steal food items and palm wine, and additional terribly, to steal infants in get to make additional mmoatia.

The mmoatia are said to do the bidding of witches and fetish priests. In a situation noticed in Kumasi by the writer, a man was struck dumb for operating on the dabone, the day of evil, when operate is forbidden. Communicating in producing, the target claimed to be held captive by a tribe of mmoatia who have been at war with another tribe which was helping an Evangelical or Charismatic priest. This might suggest that there are helpful mmoatia as well as hostile ones, but in the situation in concern, the helpful tribe have been prevented from helping. The victim’s speech was restored only after he travelled to wherever the offence had been dedicated and created sacrifices to the neighborhood gods.

The mmoatia are incredibly actual to a lot of people in Ghana as they are connected with actual situations in their life. They may not be acquainted with Significant Charles’s idea, but if they have been, they might regret that the tropical local weather breeds these kinds of substantial trees and these kinds of strong and malevolent fairies.


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