Ghost Family – Phantoms Of Dead Family People (Scary Documentary)


In this edition of Paranormal stories and videos, we are going to present you the Ghost Family or Phantoms of Dead Family People that are haunting the entire …


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  1. Timothy Lee says:

    Blessings? From Christian priests? Christianity is a made up religion, find it out in history….how can something made up, save you from this kind of things?

  2. Men didn't wear tricorn hats and hunting shirts in 1853 guys, sorry. About 60 years too late lol.

  3. Robert Trice says:

    Think this is the best Paranormal Investigation, wish all the best to all members, God be with you all and protected from Evil.

  4. If there was a bless by Indians and the Indian that maybe could died there come and haunt because of the bless!

  5. They should investigate in Japan! I'm sure they will find something more than this investigation!

  6. Aaron Mahone says:

    I hope you could go to this place the haunted and abandoned town of Lanoria, Chile… I hope you can have an investigation there…

  7. The bullshit narrator specialises in pure cheesiness.

  8. Darkannie says:

    Not showing the real evidence, when specifically talking about capturing it, is ruining this show.

  9. Nicole Serna says:

    Where's the new shows

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