Giant Pyramid Built In Area 51! Why?


A gigantic pyramid has been built in Area 51 as shown in the video below from DAHBOO77. Why have they built a gigantic pyramid like structure there in Area 51? Is this MORE PROOF of ‘alien technology’ here in America? Something strange is certainly going on and for some reason, our own government doesn’t want us to know about it. The Google Earth photo below this video shows that this pyramid has been around since AT LEAST 2007!

Giant Pyramid Built In Area 51! Why



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  1. John Paul Patton says:

    The government has come to realize the pyramid formation with its massive electrical signature can be used to go into another dimension. This is wh the Egyptians would put the Pharos in the pyramid, was to crosss over to a demension where they did not requiepre their physical body only the 21 grams of electrical soul or mass. What ever you want to call it. The center off the pyramid at the base works as an earth antenna, with tremendous power if used properly.

  2. Maat Men Nefer says:

    Hmmm…I have just been reading a book which seems to have a plot that this thing could very well fit into! As things go on in our current ‘Reality’ I begin to wonder if I am not in a bunch of books that have been tossed together in a blender, or a movie script or something similar. PS In many of the scripts these are entrances to Deep Underground Military Bunkers (lots of fun plots around these!) and in the current novel I am reading, habitations of the alien Lizard People. I think ‘reality’ is becoming whatever you can imagine, from whatever source grabs your imagination. I think I will work on Unicorns!

    Your reality explanation sounds like a safe bet 🙂

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    This is an engine test facility the “pyramid” is used to break and deflect the heat in order to minimize flame spread from igniting the vegetation. There are also sensors built on and within to measure temperatures and forces. Note the roads and the standard sized vehicles, this “pyramid” is by no means “giant”.

  4. Kris says:


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