GiGi Gorgeous Transgender YouTube Red Illuminati Propaganda EXPOSED


GiGi Gorgeous is a transgender YouTuber who is now featured in a documentary on YouTube Red. This is just more TRANSMANIA from the elite!

The Illuminati’s Transgender Mania Agenda EXPOSED

YouTube Red Illuminati Takeover of YouTube


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  1. ?Praised the Lord Jesus Christ???

  2. René Yde says:

    My tiny baby brother, who's never read a book,
    Knows one sex from the other, All he had to do was look.

  3. J.M Vaken says:

    Why are you talking about a person who is open transgender, when 99% of all celebrities in Hollywood and music industry are secret trannies?

  4. Ruby Stern says:

    Pesticides are hormone disrupters which block testosterone making males homosexual and turning them into females

  5. Ruby Stern says:

    Why not go on male hormones, testosterone to correct the hormone imbalance so he can be male instead of having him switch gender?? Pure stupidity. Homosexuality is not a gene it's a hormone imbalance that is reversible with hormone therapy

  6. Leah A says:

    yup THTS all I see and here

  7. Hi, Mario! I really liked the example you gave about the toaster and their purpose. I agree, our Lord has a purpose for our lives and a lot of times we, as humans, think we know better, but we don't. We don't know more than God and His wisdom and divine plan should be what defines us and guides us as His creation, like you mentioned.
    God bless you, brother Mario! May our Lord bless you and your subscribers. ☺️??

  8. omgossssh i remember him b4 hormones and didn't know he went on hormones, wow! this is so sad prayers needed

  9. "You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

  10. They push transgenderism to make the homo agenda seem lighter. Like when you pick up a 200lb weight and then a 50lb weight. The 50lb weight feels like a feather. Vs if you were lifting 5lb weights and then picked up a 50lb weight, it would feel like a boulder. It's all about manipulation

  11. there is no gender confusion, the only thing is satan confusing these trans people

  12. Becky Starr says:

    Man those darn dogs devil looking shirts are everywhere! Especially on Disney/Nick! Js I always see at least one on an actor, or in the bk ground! They look like a deer.. if you will, but so is not !

  13. Sally Dot says:

    Tony Evans says it best, "If you stand in a garage it does not make you a car…"

  14. I subcribed to you Mario so I will know when you make a new video:) it doesn't matter if they try to hide your videos

  15. JR SIMP says:

    WOW WOW!!! It should be no surprise guys, the BIBLE does not lie. We are in the last days and it's getting worse, but hope lies in Jesus Christ. Pray for our nation!

  16. Gude Tama says:

    Transgenders seem to forget they will still have their original DNA , its either MALE OR FEMALE . You can chop off and sew on all you want but DNA never lies. Sorry to burst your fake bubble. This is reality , Just stating the facts.

  17. hahahaha so me being trans* makes me part of the illuminati???… sweet????

  18. Abbandoneer says:

    What an amazing, coherent title,.

  19. If people want to cross dress hey whatever floats there boat. But having surgery to change gender is sick. Coming from a non religious side of things its still sick. Its a mental disorder

  20. Milky Dan says:

    Always enjoy Your Videos

  21. Whats the fascination of being transgender, & allowing yourself to go through body mutilation.

  22. AJ Cassidy says:

    sum1 pls pray 4 me becuz i lost my will to live by stumbling across this channel. i honestly just have no idea what he fuck this dude is on about.

  23. flower power says:

    transgender people have a good soul! I wanna look like gigi georgous

  24. Oscar Lopez says:

    The world might be changing But God is the Same Forever.

  25. Txxjac says:

    So a devoted christian cannot be a tattoo artist and have that form of
    art be his living income? OR a female , like me cannot be a devoted
    christian and have tattoos, or continue to get them? I highly doubt my
    skin, and flesh will have anything to do with my salvation through jesus
    christ. My soul is saved. my body is just my vessel . . .

  26. The stupidity of this world is mind blowing honestly, it doesn't take a genius to realize how wrong this i

  27. I don't believe God made man and woman just to confuse them about what they are. Also, as a Christian I obviously believe in demonic possession and I believe Yahweh is the ultimate physician but, I myself see a counselor and psychiatrist but, I turn yoGof first. God wants us to be healthy in every way and happy and glorify him with it.

  28. sablenote says:

    He is not gorgeous tho. He looks like any other guy with make up

  29. so glad Obama is gone and this transgender agenda can die a natural death.

  30. Tom Index says:

    Ummm…yeah the illuminati is dead. we're definitely dealing with just the pure satanic stuff here. That's the thing: the lodge is closed they aren't concentrated anymore. This is good/bad. we can defeat them easily if we all just use logic. but yeah I'm convinced the illuminati just plain isn't there anymore. It's probably legit kgb or u.n.3 illuminati died 2015 bro. they aren't into this they left t.v.. television is free game now I'm pretty sure…

  31. Why do you guys hate transgender people like wtf did they do to you just because they don't feel right with who they are you guys are sick saying that transgender people are wrong

  32. Bruce Wachta says:

    Some say that the British royal family is descended from dracula! Transylvania sits on one of Earth's strongest magnetic fields and its people have extra-sensory perception.  In ancient times the Druids would use the wood from a Holly tree to make magic wands (holly wood) for black magic spells and rituals.

  33. they make stuff like this so easy and available, but try getting baptized in church nowadays or try getting a church marriage…virtually nonexistent where i live. everything has been taken over by the city in order to "document" everything, and most these churches are teaching diluted doctrine. small wonder you got all these characters popping out of everywhere. God told us it wasn't gonna be pretty.

  34. Iggles88 says:

    What happened in North Carolina? Are you talking about the flag?

    Also, with Pewtiepie – he was promoting pedophilia … that was the straw. Not the racism – so are you saying you want a pedophile continuing to influence the masses?

  35. Bel Fares says:

    im pretty sure this dumb ass will regret what he's done at a point of his life

  36. It is word is "Insecurity" no matter "What" label you may put on it. CJ-4-JC 1GodsTigeress

  37. RBMN Fan5049 says:

    Transgenderism is a Mental illness…

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