Gladiators of World War II – Waffen SS [E1/13]


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  1. john smith says:

    the Waffen SS Known to kill prisoners out of hand on the eastern front and on the western front.the soviet red army just gave as good as they got .every last one of them should have been hanged .

  2. There were no extermination s carried out in Dachau

  3. Oli Faelaen says:

    If 648 innocent victims means they were not soldiers ,? what does 100,000 innocent civilians burnt alive in Tokyo in a single night mean for the USAAF ?

    Or 20,000 civilians burnt alive in Dresden ?

    Or 3 million civilians killed in Vietnam , say about US soldiers ?.
    Or 1.5 million German PoWs in 1945 ?

    648 is utterly dwarfed into insignificance by much larger crimes

  4. Oli Faelaen says:

    640 in a French Village ?

    Why is that so atrocious compared to 4000 tonnes of bombs dropped on Dresden ?

    1,200 bombers dropping 4000 tonnes of bombs on a city that had no strategic value other than that it was the best preserved medieval city in Europe .The Germans gave up Paris without a fight so that it wouldnt be destroyed .

    Or Tokyo , where 100,000 women children and elderly were burnt alive in one single night ?

    People like the Provisional I R A , who have the lowest civilian deaths of any modern conflict are called "terrorists" ……….But if you have an airforce and a uniform somehow your not a terrorist .
    You can kill millions (like Vietnam) and its still not called "Terror"
    9 MILLION tonnes of bombs , but the person with a f*king *Truck is a "terrorist" ?

    "Shock and Awe" but not "Terror" ?
    They sound pretty similar to me .

  5. Oli Faelaen says:

    Narrated by Robert Powell

    "WHO ?"
    "Robert Powell , Like Jesus of facking Nazareth "

  6. But come on, Hitler was a coward for commiting suicide.

  7. kaz kk says:

    I still like them regardless of everything. I feel proud of humanity when I see such things

  8. Those uniforms man ?

  9. If it wasn't for Hitler Germany could've won that war

  10. CoolcatsSk8 says:

    if i was born earlier ……

  11. faffaflunkie says:

    The sad fact for humanity is that if Israel could clone these supermachen for the purposes of urban pacification of Gaza or the West Bank- they would.

  12. rahul jaykar says:

    All hail to Hitler, greatest patroist of all time..

  13. luvmyctd says:

    Yep, the stupid Goyim in US, Canada, UK all fought for the wrong side. Filthy Kikes have fucked all our countries now, just like they did and have again Germany.

  14. Now German men wear skinny jeans and pantyhose..The muzzy is goat fucking them to death..

  15. Greyhound says:

    Hittler did nothing wrong

  16. Not a Nazi says:

    The only bullshit thing about this is the fact that most of the west time clips are that of the Wermacht which did all the nasty jobs before the SS did

  17. I'm not sure what the point is about bickering over who is the worst, it was all bad.

  18. I agree …they were tuff. brainwashed.

  19. ?arpodyssey1 says:

    yeah tell only bad things about them..
    fuck your jew propaganda.. there was no holocaust you fucking schlomo..
    you'll all die sooner or later.

  20. LordRyan100 says:

    Damn I'm 5'10 & 1/2 🙁

  21. some comments here trying to compare two " lesser evils" is astounding. no wonder humanity is fucked up.

  22. they were well equipped psychopathic murderes their main victims were unarmed civilians.the russians killed them on sight no mercy

  23. if i was born in 1918 i would be a nazi Soldier 🙂

  24. PS Snipes says:

    Wats the them song called im digging it

  25. Tai Pan says:

    I just don't know what to believe with regard to how much better off or worse off todays' world is due to the result/outcome of WW1 & WW2. I am certainly not going to pretend I know anything much about it all. If you were from another planet and could read all about the Earths' inhabitants since Humankind started then you'd think Humankind was an absolute disaster and filled with hatred & greed.

  26. Ema H says:

    People please don't confuse russians with soviets/bolshevics and nazists/fascists with germans . I mean don't put in the same bowl nations and ideologies. We all know who created leftist ideology ( like socialism, bolshevism, communism, fascism, anarchism, feminism. progressivism, globalization etc..) We all know who was Marx or Lenin or Trotsky. And remember that all leftist ideologies are devilish, inhuman and miserably! All leftist ideologies lead to dehumanization and at the end into communism/totalitarian society.
    ps: Also the nationalism is good in essence and not only.

  27. Kiss Fann says:

    Brilliant documentary…well done.  So, the world helps Germany financially after the war to rebuild.  They accumulate tremendous wealth over the years and now have a financial stranglehold on Europe.  Hello again…

  28. Tony Karol says:

    Gladiators ?? Really?? Now they are dead .. shit gladiators

  29. Aaron Mann says:

    out of all war crimes of ww2 Russia have to be the worst criminals of the war. and to their own people and others. Japan and Germany have a tie for second, because the exact amount in millions is unknown but a rough estimate can assure a spot for second for both. 3rd place would have to America with the whole internment camps and the nukes. don't get mad if you think america wasn't bad for that. america was in the war for like one year and did all that but then again america was a light for hope for most of the world

  30. Budd Zeitlin says:

    The braunschweigers are on the move today too.

  31. Cory Odom says:

    yes they need them now i kind of look like them fight like them i volunteer

  32. ZENOIST2 says:

    All these comments about it took all the world to beat Germany miss the point.
    Hitler was such a total asshole he had pissed them all off and was fighting ALL of them and the end result was never in doubt
    Where is the genuis in that?.

  33. ZENOIST2 says:

    Hitler was such a moron he made sure he had 3 superpowers fighting against him in a fight he could not possibly win.
    Hardly a sign of genius.

  34. And now, Germany has been taken by the fucking muslim rapists scroungers benefit lovers CUNTS, the Germans are now officially coward pussies towards the muslims, they welcome the muslim terrorists into their great country.


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