Glenn Beck: The New World Order is Imminent


Glenn Beck predicts the New Earth Get is imminent, but would not consider the Bilderberg Group or the Illuminati have just about anything to do with it.
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Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets folks to dilemma our movie star obsessed tradition, and the part the mainstream media and elite solution societies participate in in shaping our life.

Mark’s YouTube channel has been given tens of millions of sights and his viral films have been talked about on ABC’s The Perspective, the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the New York Put up, and other mainstream media shops all-around the earth.

He has been highlighted on many television displays together with the History Channel’s Decoded, Conspiracy Concept with Jesse Ventura, Solution Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, The us Declassified on the Journey Channel, the Sundance Channel’s Like/Lust: Solution Societies, and is a regular guest on Coastline to Coastline AM, The Alex Jones Demonstrate, and extra.

He enjoys creating difficulty for the New Earth Get, exposing corrupt scumbag politicians, and pointing out Big Brother’s prying eyes. The term “combating the New Earth Get” is made use of by Mark to explain some of his routines, and refers to his and others’ resistance and opposition (The Resistance) to the over-all process of political corruption, unlawful wars, elite solution societies, mainstream media, Big Brother and privateness concerns as perfectly as many economic and social concerns. This Resistance includes self-advancement, self-sufficiency, particular accountability and spiritual progress.

Mark Dice is the author of numerous preferred guides on solution societies and conspiracies, together with The Illuminati: Details & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come Legitimate, and his newest book, Illuminati in the Songs Field, which are offered in paperback on, or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Google Perform. Even though much of Mark’s perform confirms the existence and ongoing procedure of the Illuminati now, he is also committed to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the details from the fiction therefore the “Details & Fiction” subtitle for numerous of his guides. He has a bachelor’s degree in interaction from California Point out University.

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37 Responses

  1. K Potter says:

    Beck-The-Dick Arnold

  2. Cye Lannford says:

    Glenn Beck IS the NWO… a fascist apostate talking-head that does his part to create CONfusion and false loyalties.

  3. Oops I've meant Council for National Policy.

  4. I'm surprised that Mark didn't even mention the CNP (Council on National Policy), does he know about this group?

  5. crush pum says:

    Hmm.. no disrespect toward Mark Dice because I think he's a smart guy, but am I only one who doesn't really like his religious diatribes. To me they just make him come off as pompous and preachy. Then again we do live in a free speech society and it doesn't affect my life any way, so I guess its okay for him to say this stuff. PS I feel the same way about liberals and feminists who screech about social justice and privilege checking.

  6. James Cain says:

    doooood your a fucking moron. I cant believe anyone watches your conspiracy theory laden bullshit. thanks for wasting 13 minutes of my life ill never get back.

  7. Tommy Shanks says:

    Delusional nonsense from both clowns…

  8. The kinks said it best ; Paranoia will destroy ya !….

  9. The kinks said it best ; Paranoia will destroy ya !….

  10. Gus Grissom says:

    Yeah Glen B the man to reveal all things.  Just don't make him tear up.  

  11. Greg says:

    Money doesn't make man evil, rather a diversion from the teachings of God does.  Glenn always preaches faith and Christianity.  I laugh at all the people who mock Beck but I can almost guarantee most of them do not listen to him regularly.  And I hate how arrogant we people are! We always look at the now, rather than including the past.  I am sure a "new world order" has been spoken of for thousands of years.  Just because who he thinks is going to rule the next is different than yours, does not mean you need to get all pissy and rage against him.  

    Also, Mr. Money is evil, if you truly believe in that statement then STOP TRYING TO SELL US YOUR DAMN BOOK!

    P.S. that was not that you found the story on.

  12. Mark "ex penis pill sales man" Dice is so fucking boring………

  13. Glenn lee beck sinned against his fellow man but worst of all he sinned against God. While human mortals find it difficult to forgive at times, God does not. Let's pray that he will sincerely ask God for forgiveness. If he does, he shall most certainly receive. If he thinks he has already deceived and can continue deceiving God, then his soul is lost – sold to the devil for the brief good-life of this world.

    Glenn lee beck – may be the biggest loser of all.

  14. Glenn Beck is a moron. I thought he was getting better and was going to stop the dramatics. I was wrong. Beck your an evil globalists pawn. You lie to the American people everyday.

  15. Mark thanks for praising Jesus glorious name!

  16. kappy0405 says:

    The Tea Party fuses libertarian economic theory with the NEOCON worldview & foreign policy. It would be comical, except for the fact that millions of Tea Partiers are buying into it. It's a travesty how much of the anti-NWO movement is getting suckered into it. Glenn Beck has been the diving force of this manipulation.

  17. kappy0405 says:

    Props to Mark Dice for keeping the focus on Masonic America & not allowing Russia/China to become a scapegoat for the real NWO.

  18. Scotty says:

    People wake up !!

  19. ears2here says:

    This is an attempt to put words in another persons mouth by spinning comments and words, and initiating meaning not stated by Glenn Beck. Of course the NWO is being planned and pushed by the many in the world, and American power centers, but IMMINENT means any second. Glenn Beck did not say any such thing. I have heard him say we are on the road to such a thing, and we are "PROGRESSING" towards it daily, but this is just an attempt by Mark Dice to spread his hate, and push a point of view, albeit poorly. In short, it is propaganda designed to deceive.

  20. Wish mark did a radio show I would be a daily listener

  21. jeradt1983 says:

    Keep in mind Mormonism is occult. They baptize dead people in absentia with a stand in, in a circle pool with bronze looking bulls all around the pool. If Jesus came to the USA, his apostles would have already had another bible. Not just disappearing tablets, and the Indians would have been accepted too for being already Christian

  22. LLoyd Gordon says:

    You could  be right,  or  even  dead  right  Mark!  However, how  are  we  to  know  that  the  Illuminati  have  not  taken  you  over  and  you  are  now  sending up  a  smoke  screen for  them  as  a  distraction  while  the  Illuminati manoevres,  in real  ernest,  are  proceeding. In  this  day  and  age  what can we believe  at  face value  any  longer? How  might  we judge  truth  in remote  without  encountering you close  up?

  23. Glen beck; closet homosexual and member of the world's largest UFO cult.

  24. eddie james says:

    Glen beck is a fake ass libertarian…gate keeper for the nwo

  25. eddie james says:

    Glen beck is a fake ass libertarian…gate keeper for the nwo

  26. Blue 93 says:

    5:52 Free mason ok but hes hot tho…

  27. Carly Smith says:


    When Jesus speaks of children partaking and of the milk and not the solid food, is that babes in Christ need the milk, "scripture" until the mature and get water and holy spirit baptized where they need the solid food and fully understand the gospel by having the great teacher (the holy spirit) teach them. That's the meaning of the parable.

  28. And his real name is Ben Gleck

  29. He should have quit hollyweird after playing Ralphie in the Christmas story…

  30. durian ryder says:

    tafta is coming, America is going. this is within 15 years tops. get ready

  31. Truth Seeker says:

    i hear u mark, but we need more people to wake up still. the nsa and whoever is behind them are way beyond listening to our conversations now. they can listen to your thoughts now. anything u think they can know as your thinking it…..if u dont believe me just wait and see. im trying to let people know how they control us. its mass deception at its finest. they know how to make u do stuff without having to get close to u. if u speak the truth to other people like me, u will become a target. they already used their mind control on me…its a combination of witchcraft and advanced technology. they know how u feel as you feel it, to predict what words affect your psychological state of mind. then repeat those words in your mind until u start to become disoriented and confused….i know a lot of what they're doing and how their doing it. i made the news when they chased me but they didnt reveal the true reason why i was running. be careful but dont stray from the truth. they can only hurt u if u give them a reason to. they will try anything to make u do something stupid so they can act on you…anyways, god bless yall…peace.

  32. neil marley says:

    Glenn Beck is a joke and part the illuminate you can look it up don't take my word for it I mean you can find out anything about anybody he cares nothing about you or any person find out the truth on your own. 

  33. SSIKFAN DK says:

    Right on! What I wanna know about Mark dice….When he was on DECODED..was that a set up when the cops showed and the sirens were going off and they should find a place and "sit down"?I am FLOORED  a show in THIS day and age would even let Dice express his VIEW!!

  34. Thomas Caron says:

    Hey Mark!
    What are your thoughts on the latest religious movies coming out? More specifically, movies like Noah, The Son of God, Hercules.

  35. Rob Manning says:

    I would love to see Beck and Mark debate

  36. mattyicee215 says:

    All of religion is bullshit lol… Come on mark you know that! The bible isn't anymore true than The book of morman! Don't act like you can back up the bible lmao…..

  37. will you talk like a normal human being ….ppl will take more serious

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