Global Economic Collapse & World War 3 Forecast


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  1. sergeant64 says:

    The end of the fossil energy age is coming and the process will rock the boat. Just like the industrial revolution. And will probably be called "the time of troubles".

    Meanwhile the new fusion energy (like Mr. Rossi ecat) will provide almost free energy it will cause more problems.

  2. I've been hearing Gerald Celeste says this for over 3 years! it's going to collapse this year..that was 3 years ago!

  3. El Ché says:

    Great discussion…. I really enjoyed this. Although I don't agree on info about Obama, Gerald Celente is right on with many of his points. On Obama, I think Obama is telling them the right way while letting them go the corrupt way and hang themselves with the economy and war. As far as as the global economic state, Gerald really explained it well. Another view people do not realize is the economic impact that corrupt social norms have on the economy. Our current social norms and macro-cognitive factors are causing a real negative impact on our global economic system.

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