GLOBAL GOVERNMENT 2015 ‘WARNING EVENT’ : NWO, ISIS, Police State, World War 3 …


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  1. Lodzkocham says:

    GLOBAL GOVERNMENT 2015 'WARNING EVENT' : NWO, ISIS, Police State, World War 3 …

  2. GLOBAL GOVERNMENT 2015 'WARNING EVENT' : NWO, ISIS, Police State, World War 3 …

  3. Joe Connolly says:

    Religion is another form of control. Just think about it, before you defend it.

  4. Why is it so hard for people to use an access card instead of a hand chip?  Are people too retarded now, to know how to remove their card, pass it through, and get access through whatever clearance?

  5. patphatcat says:

    3% of people are born with a mental illness that makes them want to hurt/ kill ALL people. They know how to mimic normal human emotions. L. rON hUBBARD DISCOVERED ALL 12 SIGNS OF A PSYCHOPATH/SUPPRESSIVE PERSON. Who can you support and trust? Google "hubbard, antisocial, 12" for 12 characteristics of an evil personality. 17% of people cause trouble because they are easily influenced by psychopaths and will believe their lies. American president Richard Nixon had all 12 signs of a psychopath/ suppressive person.

  6. Mark of the beast (chip) 666

  7. Thanks 4 this video brother. Those who may think this message of this brother goes too far…must quesyion their reason why they think like that…they have this knowledge /wisdom but are incompetent to translate it into understanding. I have no more sorrow for their choises….time is at closure!

  8. I'm a Muslim please Isis have belief in the almighty for us



  11. Everyone thinks Guns, Guns, Guns, are the sure cure to take back the country from the corrupt government. They control the people by controlling food, electricity and communication. When civil unrest begins, you lose all 3. Now think what that will be to you. No phone, no internet, no electricity, and no food, until you comply with what the government wants you to do. Turn in your guns, and allow yourself to be sold in the slave trade to a foreign country. Many people will be going to countries that our government is indebted to, working in factories for free. I say, take all the Jesus and God people first,  they expected fantasy to fight for this country.

  12. redrumax says:

    This is a lot of bullshit.

  13. Runnable19 says:

    When will you understand that Jesus peace be upon him is a prophet sent by God, he has no father, he is the son of Mary.

  14. kylelarsone says:

    fear mongering? warning? the founding fathers told us about this and thats what the 2nd amendment was put in there for. not to protect your family from burglars. some do but the vast majority of us dont have weaponry like our military. people think thats going to be our downfall. why isnt it isis's downfall? the taliban? because it cant stop it. now think of Americans. you think our friends and family in the military and police force is going to allow us to be thrown in fema camps? nope. I dont see it going that far. besides, the American people are the only reason China, Russia, Iran, North Korea….damn we have a lot of powerful enemies…..havent invaded us. every Empire falls people. shit, i bet 90% of you know nothing of the Persian empire but it at one time was the center of the world and was around a lot longer than we have been. we will be a blip in history when its said and done.

  15. zarevok zarr says:

    To all Americans…..only u have the power to stop that what is happening in your country u must say NO even to a cost of civil war BUT u must be all for one and one for all…… no matter what is ur religion we r all ppl….only then u can get ur country back.
    SA and GOD BLESS

  16. zarevok zarr says:

    GREEEEEAT u don't need keys anymore and u need a chip coz it's so hard to type in a few numbers

  17. C Steele says:

    Bullshit. it's all bullshit. If things did fall apart. Band together. That's all i am saying Band together.

  18. If people were to defy this crap, it would stop. But we are sheep

  19. Akio Daiki says:

    Fear Porn, nothing more nothing less.

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