Globalist plans for the New World Order Conspiracy Exposed – Illuminati 2015 Documentary Documentary Illuminati


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  1. paul zsoldos says:

    There are more Jews in the White house than in the occupied Palestine.

  2. paul zsoldos says:

    The USA just like Hitler's Germany will be forced to go to war by those dogs.

  3. paul zsoldos says:

    That is the Anti Christ. The International Banking Cartel.Alan Greenspan is now at the Bank of England with all the gold of the USA.

  4. This is some disturbing shit.

  5. roy mcleod says:

    one question?who is backing the new world currency.the same old yionest cock suckers that who

  6. Texas Ray says:

    This video is not from 2015.  It's been around for at least 5 years.  These media shills like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and others are just as much a part of the NWO conspiracy as Bush and Obama.  The illuminati method of control is always bi-polar.
    In the same way that the same forces control both US parties.  The same forces also control both the Globalist CFR (for example) and the anti-Globalist movement.  That way they can ramp up the conflict on both sides and even lead it into violence.   Most of the participants are sincere (on both sides) but the leaders (on both sides) are all scammers.  Anybody who really opposes the powers that be will certainly not have a platform in the media.

  7. Why in the FUCK does youtube clutter the good vids with AD AFTER AD.

  8. jaycitay says:

    I'm sorry but why are these dude acting as if they are kicking any knowledge? We all know the President don't run ISH in this country and NO Obama is not any worst than any other President we ever had. Think of all the ones before, this Government is a joke. From inception till now!!!!

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