By: Haris Mumtaz

October 30th 1938, just another evening in New York where city life was streaming along nicely and people were busy in their lives fulfilling their social requirements with nothing unusual whatsoever when mercury network, a radio station in New York interrupts the music of Ramon Rachello and his Orchestra from the Park Plaza Hotel for a special news bulletin. This was the beginning of an infamous War of the Worlds broadcast with its terrifying real description on an alien invasion from Planet Mars. Within few hours of the broadcast, a million people were out in the streets, panic and scared of fact that a profound phenomenon of alien existence and invasion is coming out of comic books and becoming a part of their everyday reality which might change their lives forever or even end it. The state of panic was so much so that later that night and next morning media personnel from mercury radio had to come on the network to cover the story where they failed to explain the reason for this interruption and clarify the real agenda behind this false propaganda of an alien invasion. Those who lived their lives in disarray till today still don’t know the real reason behind this falsehood that it was a part of a complex psychological warfare test for analyzing the possibilities of human mind control and getting desirable behavioral outcome for future remunerations. The test was conducted by C.D Jackson under the umbrella of the Rockefeller Foundation a name which requires no introduction whatsoever.

When the results were compiled two years later, they were been released to an elite group whose name most men will not speak up in public or private. Among these groups are the names like The BuilderBerg Group, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve Bank. Under the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, C.D Jackson was equivalent to the head of national security and also he was the chief of psychological warfare. His breakthrough discovery of the war of the worlds broadcast was nothing but a mind control test stunt to understand the human psychology and how they can possibly use it to pull the strings of these people and implement a control system over them.

Living in year 2010 and knowing this now, even if we try to evaluate the unimaginable impact of the test which was conducted 72 years ago and GOD knows how many tests after that, it will lead us to no conclusion. But let’s rinse this matter further to satisfy the overburdened unprecedented characteristic of our critical thinking minds.

The world in which we live in today is an outcome of these mind control tests where human race has been programmed in such a way that a certain group of people, let’s call them the ‘elite groups’ are monitoring our behavioral patterns, applying trend analysis and directing them towards their own benefits, by making us slaves of the society which in reality is in their control. By manipulating our thoughts and making us so confused that we cant recognize them and by putting us into fear that if we don’t comply to our social requirements, we’ll lose everything our jobs, wealth, status, home, lives and this fear mechanism is forcing us to submit to their authority. This manipulation of human mind and fear mechanism technique is somewhat shared by every soul on this planet at different levels which makes the elite’s job much easier to execute a global control mechanism by introducing the NEW WORLD ORDER which to this day is nothing but a mere conspiracy for us but in reality its much more than that.

This NEW WORLD ORDER, global mind control and fear mechanism has been presented to us as a gift wrapped up with the destructive side of science and technology, mass media and communication, business, economy, norms, ethics, politics, religion, culture, with a label of “Globalization” over it .A term which is known as well as acceptable to most of us. Not only that, we are pleased to live in this global village where we can travel across the world in less then 60 hours, enjoy 500 channel with a click of a button, sharing WEB information through internet, global news, fashion, economy, diseases, cure, food, travel, everything with ample choices which we can’t deny. But within this cloud of materialistic attributes of globalization we have yet failed to realize that we are becoming the slaves of these attributes and choices. Working as slaves and paying interest over debts just to keep these choices alive, we are indirectly submitting to those who control this global village. This is not submission to the ALLAH(SWT), this is the direct submission to those who are in direct confrontation with the true creator.

Now that you are on the verge of realizing that globalization is not what it seems, so you defiantly want to know the other side of the story, concerned about the grass, that is it greener on the other side or not? It is suggested that you should keep you seatbelts tight, the ride is about to get rough from here.

The other dimension of Globalization:

A playground where we use our strength and intelligence to create a way of living the way we want it to be. The world full of choices where need has nothing to do with decision making for survival rather then it’s an alibi for acquiring higher status in a society. Technological advancements which are making our lives easier so that we can boost our potency and vision combined with science to achieve new horizons and levels for society development. This and so much more, our efforts in achieving the goal of a “perfect life” is an outcome of above mentioned psychological warfare tests where by enhancing the self created materialistic desires of humans and by creating and controlling the choices which we want to possess, the elite have developed a global control mechanism which we call and praise by the name of Globalization; the world in which desire holds no authenticity unless it falls under the command of the ruler and where free-thinking is not allowed just because everything has a price and nothing is for free, not even death.

We are nothing but line item apparatus that will follow the rules and procedure to compute the desired outcome. Pretty robotic it seems but unfortunately this is the truth, life has become a metaphor of death.

Conceptualizing today’s Generation of 21st century, we are living in the times of ruins where our struggle for unknown begins every day with the clock ticking at 8 in the morning and ends up at night when we set up the alarm for the next day, another day of slavery and struggle. It’s an evident fact that man is becoming the slave of his own creations where the possibilities of alleviation are endless, and so are the costs he is paying. Nature is crying over the destruction of its core where humans are realizing it at a same time. Somehow we feel that we are not responsible for this destruction rather then we are becoming a byproduct and these hidden factors some of which are under our control, make us as evil as others. End Result; destruction for everyone.

A plausible contradiction can be that history was evolved like this for centuries. Civilizations came into existence like that, empires were built and got destroyed marking an account in the books of past and its going on for centuries, leaving lots and lots of potential behind for more destruction and control, maybe this is how it should be, may be it’s the will of the creator and that’s how he wants it to be, may be…

If you are living your life with this justification and standing by this plausibility with confidence and belief, I have to argue that this again is something which came out of your programmed head, an outcome of above mentioned psychological warfare test in fact a series of it, and now the outcome is that nothing seems astray and unprecedented, its an everyday cycle, a daily struggle of good and bad where there is no one to decide what’s good or not, life goes on with a whisper of silence because there is nothing to shout about, nothing to worry about at all in our conscience.

For those of you whom I am making some sense out of the hypocrisy of globalization, its time to realize and analyze the creators and nature of this global control and fear mechanism and the tools which they introduced and then imposed on us through which we are … let me put it straight at your face, helping none other than Satan himself who for the sake of argument is doing exactly what he told the Creator he would do, creating deception for destruction of morality.

Allow me to take you on a journey of realization and understanding of this system of global deception which has destroyed the basics of our beliefs and an aggregated consent has been forced on us to believe in because our basic needs are attached to it. This may sound amusing to most of you but the dots that I am about to connect will construct a whole new picture on the canvas of your perception and by the will of ALLAH(SWT) will trigger an ignition of retaliation that will lead us to a revolution. If they can create a global control mechanism, why can’t we join hands for a global revolution?

The time is now to understand and realize that this is not an era of globalization, this in an era where a strong influential elite hiding behind the veils of fake religious ideologies imposing a global controlling mechanism and presenting it as a will of ALLAH(SWT) instead it is the will of their materialistic god that sees with only one eye, the eye of materialism, symbolically known as a pyramid and by reversing that symbol and joining it together you get a Star of David, the flag of Israel.

You now know where this is heading. The core of globalization is covertly tangled with the Zionist ideology behind the creation of Israel. Even though this fact is known to us to some extent and its there somewhere in the back of our minds but somehow we have failed to establish a lucid relationship between them. Going back to my first claim, that our generations for past 100 years have unknowingly being a part of mind freaking test and as a result of this, we are programmed to see things with only one eye, the materialistic eye, naively submitting to antichrist, submitting to the era of GLOBALZIONATION. Let’s uncover the truth and try to establish a relationship between the darkest secret mysteries and conspiracies of the past and by connecting the dots understand the ground reality of today and most important of all, know where we are heading.

Decoding globalzionation, first we need to decipher the most brutal secular ideology the world has even seen in last 1000 years, the ideology behind the creation of Israel, Zionism.


The term “Zionism” was first introduced in 1893 by Nathan Birmbaum, but Theodor Herzl, an Austrian Jew born to a prosperous, emancipated Budapest family, is recognized as the founder of the Zionist ideology when he published his book in 1896, “The Jewish State”, where he declared that the cure for Anti-Semitism was the establishment of a Jewish state. As he saw it, the best place to establish this state was in Palestine.

While Herzl claimed that the establishment of a “Jewish” state would cure anti-Semitism, he also promoted anti-Semitism to further his cause.

Herzl stated in his diary:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse. This will assist in realization of our plans for which I have an excellent idea. I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”.

Many of us confuse Zionism with a religious ideology. Zionism revolves around the ideology of having a separate home land for Jewish people in the holy land. Why Holy land because according to their beliefs, Jews are God’s chosen people and they have a right to claim the holy land. Middle Eastern Jews on the other hand knew that their ancestors have betrayed ALLAH(SWT) laws, commandments and ALLAH(SWT) has forbidden Bani Israel (children of Israel) to come back to Holy Land. Their only survival as written in their books was to stay away from Holy Land and disperse across the world. Jews also knew this that they will be destroyed if they ever came back to Holy Land and the ideology of Zionism was in direct confrontation with Jewish beliefs and their real holy scriptures.

When this ideology was first introduced, it was obvious that in order to impose this ideology over the world and especially Jewish community which at that point in time was spread all across America, Europe and Russia, they need not only a catastrophic event like world war but also a religious stamp by re-writing the holy manuscripts of the Bible so that people from all over the world share the same sympathy and respect for the state of Israel.

That is the reason why in 1948 Israel became the first Jewish ideological state and third religious ideological state in the world. Rests of the two are Madina-e-Tayyiba founded by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Pakistan which was found in 1947 just one year before the creation of Israel. The wisdom of ALLAH(SWT) is such that Mosses has been created before the creation of Pharaoh and history is bound to repeat itself.

The irony is such that due to manipulation of Bible for stamping this Zionist ideology with religious beliefs and World War II’s self-created holocaust, Jewish people were forced to travel back to the Holy Land. The stage was set for the Zionist founders to claim the Holy Land, not to please ALLAH(SWT) but to start implementing their global agenda for dominance, to take such control over the people and humanity that no one could challenge them for this evil and not only that, slowly and gradually people should comply to what they offer.

To achieve this global dominance, it was necessary to control global indictors of society like economics, politicians and others on which they were working for last 1000 years or so. This aspect is covered in detail in another article of mine “The Antichrist Incorporated”. By gaining controls over these indicators, these people got so much control and power that they named themselves as global elite.

When we talk about Zionism being a secular ideology not a religious one, it means that you don’t have to be a Jew for being a Zionist, you can belong to any religion, sect or belief or even if you don’t believe in anything, if you stand with the legitimacy of Israel in Holy Land, you are a Zionist. Being a Muslim and a Pakistani, one should think twice before proposing the idea of accepting Israel as a legitimate country no matter if you are a civilian or a former president of Pakistan.

The Rise of Judo-Christian alliance:

It is often believed that from history we can predict the future because it always follows the same pattern of consequences, think again. Christianity faith revolves around a very deep belief that Jews killed Jesus (PBUH) because they rejected him as a Messiah; on the other hand, Christianity emerged from a core belief that Jews hate Christians because they are the followers of that Messiah who was declared as an illegitimate child of Bani Israel. This Judo Christian hatred continued during the times of Crusades, European dark ages and even in the era of renaissance but today in this era of globalzionation, we can see there is a clear indication of this alliance present in Europe and America.

The presence of CFR, NATO, Neoconservatives, Anti Defamation League and especially AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) the most sturdy lobby in Washington DC where the president of United States confirms in their annual meeting that existence of Israel is in the favor of US and any attack on Israel will be consider as an attack on US, these and many others evidences shows that future cannot be derived out of the pages of history every time because patterns can change, conspiracies are most likely to happen. How this is possible that two vicious enemies with such high intensify religious conflict have become such close companions that now the whole Muslim Ummah is facing their heat especially since 911. This Judo-Christian alliance is one of the most fascinating yet devastating concepts of 20th century and without the proper understanding it is not possible to undermine and defeat this control mechanism of Globalzionation.


For last 1000 years, Zionist plan of taking over world’s economy by possessing real wealth like gold and silver, and replacing it with interest based economy was accomplished with the establishment of Bank of England in 1694. For inducting this virus on a global scale, during the industrial age, Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1914. Now Zionists all over the world were in a position to takeover any industry, corporations, government by creating money out of thin air and by injecting them into important institutions, they can manipulate and corrupt these institutes to such extent that desirable outcome can be derived. They also knew that somewhere in between to get people’s majority compliance with their ideology, they need religious support and only then people will accept Zionism as an acceptable and supportable philosophy. For this religious corruption Christianity was the perfect choice in which nothing special was required other than introducing another religious extension of this faith, another version of bible, another sect of Christianity, Evangelism.

Cyrus I Scofield presented a new form of Christianity in 1909 when he published a new version of bible. It was more precisely a new version of the King James Version of bible through which the need of spreading the word around arose which led to the origin of evangelism. Evangelism mainly revolves around spreading the gospel, following the footsteps of Jesus (PBUH) but it mainly restricts to that particular version of bible. There are several accounts present that indicate how Scofield was inspired or rather used by the secret brotherhood of illuminati, and Zionists to come up with such ideology of Christian Zionism.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield’s role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, as the Editor, probably because it needed such a man on the front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became best-selling “bible” in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.

Scofield’s support came from a movement that took root around the turn of the century, supposedly motivated by disillusionment over what it considered the stagnation of the mainline American churches. Some of these “reformers” were later to serve on Scofield’s Editorial Committee. This vicious scheme of presenting the idea of Christianity where Jesus (PBUH) will come for the salvation of mankind only after the creation of Israel. That is exactly why the existence and stability of Israel is very important for these Judo-Christian Zionists.

The concept of Evangelism is the beginning of modern day religious manipulation where by manufacturing this belief of salvation through Jesus, which can only happen after the creation of Israel, Christians were forced to believe that they have to support the creation of Israel in the Holy Land and this unprecedented support for Jews is necessary. But since not many Christians were ready to take their enemies as friend and for them believing in the trinity is enough for their salvation, a pro-nationalist revolution was required to bring both the religious believers and nationalists on a same platform. This was the beginning of Neo-conservatives.

Neo-con Evangelical Christians Zionist:

In 1967 Leo Staruss, a German Jew who migrated to US in 1938 gave an idea of suppressing human desire for freedom. According to his beliefs, it’s the very basis of liberalism that leads human being to the ultimate chaos and thus keeping societies intact and in control by any means possible is the only solution. Strauss thought that most people are incapable of living their lives without a belief in God who would punish them for disobedience, and reward them for obedience. In order for the people to know what this God demanded of them, Strauss, being a student himself of the Twelfth Century influential Jewish leader Rabbi Maimonides, believed the best bet was to use the Hebrew Bible and the best way to direct people towards one goal is to give them an illusion of an unknown evil which in the times of cold war era was none other then Soviet Union.

The followers of this ideology, students of Leo Staruss became so powerful in few years that under the presidency of Ronald Reagan’s in 1981 they entered the White House and were now in a position to write policies that will be inline with the teachings of Leo Strauss. People like George Bush Senior, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz were ready to create evil forces across the globe for America so that by generating this threat mechanism of an unknown evil, American people will fall into this control mechanism, giving away their freedom for some un-known terror threat. It seems like the results of 1938 experiment of Alien attack threat were now ready for implementation.

This ideology of Leo Strauss was the basic fundamental behind neoconservatives and now Christian Zionists were ready to hit the world hard with their evil plan by presenting this as a religious ideology. It doesn’t sound strange to us that a secular ideology like Zionism is often confused with a religious ideology and the ideology behind neo-cons which is purely secular not to mention communist in nature has a biblical stamp on it. Yes neo-con is a religious ideology, a fulfillment of prophesy from the Book of Isaiah just like the prophecy behind the creation of Israel.

Proving religious book’s manipulation is an easy way to blame any religion which is not the scope of this article, its just that we don’t see the impact much often of these exploitations. Since 911, one can easily understand the real agenda behind the war on terror which is going on for so many years, where America is playing the role of the ultimate savior of the world destroying some unknown evil forces in the name of world peace. How did it happen? It’s just that we have stopped questioning anything anymore.

Combining neo-cons and evangelism, we now have a new name of this Judo-Christian alliance, the Neo-con Evangelical Christians Zionist, where every attack on Israel is considered an attack on America, where America is providing billions of dollar support to that illegitimate country every year which is to prepare itself for becoming the third super power of the world. The Neo-cons are hitting hard where it’s hurting and the globalzionation is prospering silently under the cover of ideologies like evangelism and neoconservatives.

Modern Zionism and its impact on Humanity:

Today we are witnessing the beast of globalzionation everywhere, from corporate logos to religious symbology, Fortune 500 to world stock exchange. One major aspect of globalization which we often praise is that we are linked in a global society where we share our thoughts, norms, values, culture, and so on, what we have failed to realize that those who can buy expensive footwear from some well known brand don’t share the same global values with the one who is making this pair with his bare hands in some obscured factory in the ruins of Indonesia earning 1 dollar a pair. This is where globalzionation comes in, to create a society where people become slaves of each other in some way and they all fall under the slavery of the Big Brother who is watching them from everywhere every time. This is just a repetitive assertion that today’s corporate world in under a massive influence of Judo-Christian Zionists comprising of Google, Coke, Starbucks, Levis, General Electric to name a few and the list goes on and on. They own the major brands, political parties, war manufacturer companies, oil and gold companies. They control the overall materialism of this world and if you are materialistic in nature, you should know that they are controlling you.

But why you don’t hear much about the brutality and evil that they are spreading? Well it’s because they own the world wide print and electronic media. Applying to Judo-Christianity hypothesis for the creation of Israel, they are putting their best efforts possible to provide maximum security and support to the State of Israel where different people want different outcomes from it. The Jewish Zionists are waiting for their true Messiah which will turn out to be the Antichrist for Christians and Christians on the other hand are waiting for the second coming of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) who will kill the Antichrist and provide salvation to the followers of Trinity. If that is the truth then think about the real reason behind the Judo-Christian alliance again and analyze that this alliance been made on the basis of friendship or a disaster which both of them are expecting. Think about who is using who and who is getting the real outcome, who they are fooling and how … think about the mind control experiment again which was mentioned in the beginning and you are free to make your own decision out of it.

Enlightenment is another form of misery, if you think you are enlightened enough, does not mean that it will end your misery. Think about it.

Future of Globalzionation:

Despite of this unreasonable marriage of two religious ideologies, Judo-Christian alliance is doing an immaculate job to take over Muslims throughout the world. Regardless of their efforts in destroying the caliphate in 1924, dividing it into 56 states, imposing their secular political doctrines, economy and social justices, bombarding western ideologies and values through global media and sabotaging the core values of religion Islam, they are now in a position to annihilate Muslim population from the course of this earth. The uniformity of globalzionation is such that today Muslim countries in majority are sharing same problems of self created diseases like global terrorism, energy crisis, food and water riots, economic recession and so on although these factors are now spread across the whole world but this is one of the cons of globalization that you share everything even if its chaos.

Their evil plan has now turned into a massive beast which is going to destroy this modern civilization. Take science and technology for example, in last 100 years mankind has developed ground breaking weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that can eliminate any country, piece of land in just a matter of minutes. Our technical advancements have now turned into a stream of undoable realities from which we want an escape. Television has turned out to be a tool of mass hypnosis; eugenics has become a weapon of mass genocide. Finding cure for polio and cancer and mankind is now a victim of HIV Aids.

It doesn’t mean that technology has only its negative and one should be against the technological advancement. The point which is very hard even for us to understand is that once we became the victim of technology, and now we are becoming the victim of our own creations. This is how we are getting used by these global elites for the advancement of their evil plan. We are bound by the system which we have created on our own and now we have nothing but guilt on the inside and justification on the outside that this is how it was supposed to be or simply “it’s not our fault”, “I am just another person doing the same thing, being content with it”. Everyone has their own justifications and seems like words are all we have to survive.

The fall of globalzionation is right around the corner and no one is optimistic about the year 2012, although I am not suggesting anything about this wackiest conspiracy but time will tell. The core of humanity is about to shift from the materialistic attributes of Satan and fall into the spiritual dimension of the true creator, that era is about to come. What is horrifying and troublesome for most of us is that the golden era can not come and prosper within today’s current social configuration where you have fake religious ideologies, interest based economy, unethical moral less society, corrupt political and judicial system and technology, majority of which is dedicated to control and manipulate the humanity to achieve global control rather than facilitate them for their prosperity.

This system has to go down, either by a meteor shower from some planet X, third world war which is expected to be a nuclear war, project HAARP generating more earthquakes and Tsunamis or a big fire in Yemen, only ALLAH(SWT) knows best, one thing is for sure though, that time will bring the end of globalzionation and the materialistic manipulation of human mind will end, there will be no fear related with desire and desire will only be respected by the will of ALLAH(SWT).

As Muslims we believe that death of globalzionation will bring the revival of Islamic Caliphate from which the golden era of prosperity will start. The time is near and as Allama Iqbal quotes “this civilization will die its own death” it’s just a matter of how and when but what is more important is to know that are you strong enough to take over this system, ready enough to replace it, enlightened enough to provide the alternates in the light of Quran and Sunnah and if you are not, are you striving for it? The question remains and the struggle continues.

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  1. Staying unknown will confuse the eye says:

    I think that the illuminati is antichrist’s work, the secret societies that has been working with this satans work, has been planning this way before jesus’ time, their planning to brainwash the whole world so when Antichrist comes to our world and pretends to be God (look in the Holy Bible and the Holy Qoran, its all written) we should all be aware, cause they have already brainwashed the whole world, but i hope some of us are still aware, so till the day when anticrist comes and pretends to Jesus(puh) and make miracles to fool us all, but dont let him fool you, wait for the Actual Jesus(puh) to come and he will destroy the antichrist

  2. wakeup call says:

    Dear rodin : –
    i appreciate you, Can i help in understanding of Quran and Muslim, if you do not mind as i feel there so many things in which you are not clear about Islam and Quran.

    First Quran was not written by any Jew, It was given by Allah (God) to Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) for conveying his true & Final message to the mankind of the whole world. His message was the same like Mosses and Jesus (P.B.U.H). and Message was the total submission to Allah’s (God) Will.

    I would recommend you to Watch this Interesting Documentary regarding the religion of world
    Check the link :

    1) The Divine Book (pt.1/10) :

    2) The Divine Book 2/10 (Jesus pbuh in the Quran) :

    3) The Divine Book 3/10 (Mohammed pbuh in the Bible):

    4) (The Original Bible) :-

    6) The Divine Book 6/10 (Human Embryology)

  3. Syed says:

    While the article is most interesting I strongly think we must refrain from conspiracy theories. We must. Because that is only conjecture and never based on the entire truth, part observation and part imagination. And if imagination is not correct and if you make your decisions based on that then you are going grossly wrong. If not you, your future generations pay a price for it.

    There are certain things we can do something about there are some we can do nothing about. So let us do what we can and not start imagining. You see conspiracy theory is like crutches. You only take then when you are lame. Similarly when your information and analysis fails you, you resort to conspiracy theory and also when you can do nothing about. Allah has given brains to all. If our enemies use it why don’t we too.

    Let’s put our thought process in the right direction.

    In the meanwhile found an interesting blog. Have a look.
    And do read the comments as well.

  4. Mike Kiwiallegiance formerly Michael Keri Peters here from Aotearoa New Zealand the land of the rising sun, please pray for me . I am fighting the imposed Gregorian calendar in our justice courts, by exposing the effects of squeezing 13 lunar months of 28 days into 12 months of the Gregorian calendar. The Zionist have been harvesting from the masses, following the true cycles of time, the law of time, and 13 explain clearly the negative effects of following this imposed Gregorian calendar. When i win my court case, then Aotearoa New Zealand will truly be the leader of the free world, following the harmonious calendar of synchronicity our universal galactic calendar. Every document signed with a Gregorian date will need to be reviewed.

  5. The International Zionist Bankers are a malignant cancer upon the earth that is matastasizing. They need to be surgically removed before they destroy the economic body of the nations. There are those who say they are Jews, but are not Jews, but are from a synagog of satan. You have turned my father’s house into a house of merchandise. You are a den of thieves and vipers. You are from your father the devil, and you wish to do the works of your father, that one was a manslayer when he began and the truth was not in him. The Zionist Bankers are a parasite that lives off the labors of human society, by charging usury interest rates that takes the lives of their victims. The Zionist are a political organization hiding behind a religious community and masquerading as Jews. The only two methods of getting rid of parasites is to exterminate them, or remove the host that the parasite feeds off of, which is monetary authority to create and extinguish money. The present financial and economic crisis that the world is experiencing is a symtom of an underlining poblem caused by debt finance and the toxic currency. The World Bank, Inernational Monetary Fund must be abolished, and the Central Banks nationalized, restoring monetary authority to create and extinguish honest debt free money, based on a two tiered system of precious metals and barter exchange contracts. The Zionist Jews, their own holy book the Tora condems charging usury interest to their brother or sister Jew. But it does not apply to a Gentile or the Goy. The Tora also calls for a Jubilee to be declared on the 49th year and be proclaimed on the 50th year, and has a provision for debt relief. This also does not apply to a Gentile or the Goy. “Woe to you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrits! because you shut up the kindoms of the heavens before men; for you yourselves do not go in, neither do you permit those on their way in to go in.” One Rabbi that I talked to that was from a religious sect called conservativ Jewdaism. When I mentioned God’s name, he said he didn’t really believe in a personal God, but only believed in a higher powers, and only believed in the first 5 books of the bible. That they were a code of conduct. He also mentioned that they believe in the Cabala, which the the ancient books of Jewish mysticism. The Zionist also believe in the Babylonian Talmud. The Zionist Bankers don’t really believe in God; they believe in money. I thought it was interesting that most of the International Bankers had Jewish last names. I believe that it is a certain element and not the hebrew race as a whole. No matter who it is, if the shoe fits wear it! To the honest Jews; get rid of the corrupting influence amongst you!

    Respectfully James M Nunes
    Monetary Reformer/Social Creditor

  6. rodin says:

    @ Hassan and Abdullah Jan

    Thank you very much for replying.

    So an Arab Jew was first entrusted to write the Revelations of the Prophet and then was replaced? Is this correct?

    I understand that there are two ‘editions’ of the Koran, the Medina and Mecca versions. Is this so? How do they differ?

    I can see why you would consider Jesus to be a prophet. Of course Christians consider Him the literal Son of God. Are these beliefs opposing or more like two ways of looking at the same God?

    I would say even the King James Bible is suspect. What Jesus taught was goodness, not organised religion. The emergence of the Catholic church from the Roman Empire is suspicious. The head is called the Pope. Popaea was the Jewess who married Nero and influenced this unstable individual to horribly persecute followers of Christ following the false flag fire of Rome. Interesting name similarity I think bearing in mind the extent to which Esther’s actions in the destruction of the enemies of the Pharisees are celebrated during Purim.

    The Catholic religion introduced the notion of ‘confession’. Now the sins of people were known to the establishment opening the way for control via corruption and blackmail. Nevertheless from within the Catholic faith noble individuals spring. Bishop Williamson is a notable example in recent times.

    The recent pedophile scandal was timed to break over Purim to Easter. This was just too well co-ordinated internationally. I can see an all-out attack on Christianity by the Zionistas that will culminate in the Greek New Testament – a record of Christ’s life and teachings – becoming a banned book.

    Protestantism is interesting. Calvin’s real name was Cauvin which is French for Cohen.

    Some interesting dates are 1517, 1717 and 1917.

    First date was the splitting of the Christian church via the Reformation

    Second was the establishment of Talmudic Freemasonry via the Jerusalem Lodge in London

    Third was the unleashing of the Jewish Communist Revolution in Russia and the signing of the Balfour Declaration which paved the way for the creation of Israel.

    I am no student of Islam or the Koran. I hear things being said by people who are. I am open minded, have faith in the goodness of humanity, and know also that yielding to temptation leads to ever greater evil. The only way to resist is to be good and true whatever the personal cost. Right now corruption is being rammed hard into humanity especially via satellite TV in Muslim countries I have visited. Materialism, pornography, are the temptations on offer and many are being sucked in to these vortices of vice.

    I wonder if any Muslims are looking critically at their establishment religion as I am mine? for instance the Saudi Royals look like they are holding fort for the Zionists, and have possible Jewish heritage. I mean, do they seem like keepers of a Godly faith to you?

    Truth must be absolute, not relative. It also must be incredibly simple. All rituals are in my opinion control mechanisms. They serve to give authority to ‘leaders’.

    Just some thoughts on a Monday evening from the UK



  7. Abdallah Jan says:

    @ Rodin………………………..In the early infancy of Revelation, The Prophet (pbuh) had employed a Arab Jew to write the revelation, that was also memorized, however he was replaced with a Arab Muslim scribe at the objection of Omar Bin Khattab (ra).

    Each Ramadan (Month of Fasting) Angel Gabriel descended, and offered Salat (Prayer) behind the Prophet that recited Qur’an while Angel Gabriel listened. The Prophet recited complete Qur’an once every Ramadan, and twice, when The Prophet was to leave this earth. If there was any mistake, the Angel Gabriel corrected and it was done in Congregation and the historical evidence was written by those who attended the Congregation.

    If U need the criticize Qur’an, do not go for hear say. Post a verse that U think is objectionable or is against the established Scientific data. There is not a single verse that any Scholar or learned person can challenge in any of the sciences.

    Had the Qur’an revealed in language other than Arabic, the critiques would have accused it of plagiarization. Or if it was reveled to a learned, same accusation would have followed. The Prophet was an unlearned and therefore could not have copied it.

    The earlier Books stand a testimonial to the Authenticity of Qur’an and of The Prophet (pbuh). Jesus had said to his desciples;

    “I must go now, for if I don’t, Muhammad (Praiseworthy=Comforter=Parkelotos) wont come”.
    “For when I go, I shall send him unto you, and he shall guide you”.

    Jesus did not bring Christianity

    “Think not, I have come to abolish the Law, Nay, I myself follow the Law of

    Jesus (pbuh) did not come to make new religion

    “Go not the way of Gentiles, but to the lost sheep of Israel”.

    There are many verses in Bible that gives proofs of The Last Prophet (pbuh)

    God hears thee, Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael Gen 16:1-6
    Prophet Abraham walks in the middle east ‘Arab Region’) Gen 13:15-17
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Original promised land
    from the Euphrates to the Nile. Gen 15 18-21
    Prophet Ishmael’s (pbuh) children always be Princes in the
    Arab region. Gen 17:20
    Prophet Muhammad was the direct decedent of Kedar. Gen 25: 13-18
    Paran (Faran) Makkah. Gen 21: 17-21
    Paran is Baca (Makkah) Psalm 84: 1-7
    Paran or Faran are the mountain Hera, where The Last Messenger got his first revelation.
    Shiloh (Prophet Muhammad) the last prophet for all Nations. Gen 49:10
    Prophet Muhammad was like Prophet Moses in receiving
    God’s Laws. Deut 18: 18-19
    Prophet Muhammad opens Paran (Makkah) with 10 thousand
    Saints 630 A.D. Deut 33:2
    The Holy One (Prophet Muhammad) from Paran. Habakkuk 3: 1-16
    Prophet Muhammad Spoke to the children of Israel in Arabic. Isaiah 11:16
    Here is a proof, that you referred to of Jew (in the infancy) writing what was dictated.
    Prophet Muhamad the only Unlettered (Ummi) Prophet. Isaiah 29: 11-18
    An Inspiration in Arabia and the battle of Badr 624 A.D. Isaiah 21: 13-17
    Islam the Unconquerable Power. Isaiah 30: 6-17
    The Law of Qura’n through Prophet Muhammad from Gentiles
    to all Nations. Isaiah 42: 1-21
    Makkah: source of Light for all the Nations. Isaiah 60: 1-12
    Prophet Muhammad’s Prophesyses Constantinople (Istanbul)
    will be opened by Muslims 1453 A.D. Psalm 120: 1-7
    The Hebrew word ‘Mahmad’ describes Prophet Muhammad
    the Last Prophet for all Nations. Haggai 2: 6-9
    The One Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad to Jerusalem
    and Ascension to Heavens 621 A.D. Malachi 3: 1-15
    Kingdom of Allah (Islam) will Finish the Roman Empire and other
    Realms 1453 A.D. Daniel 7: 1-28
    God (Allah) Raises Prophet Muhammad’s Kingdom forever
    to all Nations. Daniel 2: 44
    Caliph Omar rides a Donkey to Jerusalem 638 A.D. Zechariah 9: 9-10
    Prophet Muhammad Baptizes all Nations with Holy Spirit St. Mathew 3:2-12
    The Prophethood was given to Muhammad the Brethren
    of the children of Israel. St. Mathew 21: 43
    Prophet Jesus (pbuh) denies being the Last Prophet to all Nations.
    St Luke 7: 16-20
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the Promised One, and the Last Prophet
    not Jesus (pbuh) nor Elias (pbuh) St John 1: 19-27
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the Prince of the World St John 14:16,25,26,30.
    Prophet Jesus finishes his duty St John 16: 5-14

    I hope that you would do your own research and not rely on hearsay. May GOD help you.


  8. Hassan says:

    To rodin ,

    Quran was not written by a jew. Quran came down in a period of 23 years and the companions of the prophet Mohamed pbuh wrote down verses as they come down and they also memorize them. When Quran was completed it was compiled and was memorized by many till this day. Today more than 10 millions around the world memorize Quran. Quran is one Quran, it doesnt have versions. However there are sects in islam, but one Quran.
    Do please ask muslims if you have questions and dont listen to non muslims otherwise you will be misinformed.

  9. tracy mcdaniel says:

    I do not know if you have the INVISIBLE EMPIRE A NEW WORLD ORDER DEFINED video some place on your blog, but if you dont that its a good one to watch but I bet you have seen it and its on your blog some place.


  10. hollyse says:

    Educational articles often leave the mind blank as passion about one’s life is cast aside for the sake of information. This article articulates the inner core of a man’s insight to what is happening comparing it to a swam of army ants killing all life as it moves for its survival. The author has it right!

  11. rodin says:

    These Scofield Christians are no followers of Christ’s teachings. Islam also is not without infiltration – i hear the Koran was written by a Jew so who knows what spin there? Then there is the Jew Age movement which feeds the ego and defrauds the soul.

    My thinking is all true people are being drawn to and influenced by the same source. We call it good or God. You call it Allah. I don’t trust the Bible and I don’t trust the Koran but I do trust in God and good. I also note Jesus was the guy who called out the Synagogue of Satan 2000 years before Alex fraud Jones, for whom Bill Cooper was removed.

    Lets get together, get to the bottom of this and clean up the world

  12. Jim Haynes says:

    Before anyone points the finger at our current demigod criminal controlled government they should first take an introspective look at themselves and ask where was my voice when I knew things weren’t going right in Washington, when events were happening that logically didn’t make sense yet the media passed it on as normal thus diverting any criticism of their reporting without questioning their sources of factual evidence etc. and etc. Where were all the voices of the military and patriotic groups, college professors, think tanks ad infinitum, nothing but abject silence and servile submission, you all had your chance of using your shrinking freedom of speech but failed to do so.

    My fellow citizens of this great republic, I hate to say it but it’s to late. The tea parties have offered us a glimmer of hope but they will soon be swallowed up by the Republicans and internal espionage sponsored by the shadow government that leaves no fingerprints. The November elections, another exercise in futility, minor changes that won’t mean a speck of difference in the overall political scheme of things leaving the Dems still in control.

    Got milk got freedom!

  13. Zulfiqar Haider says:

    This is a very interesting read and allows readers to get an idea of the prevalent conspiracy theories in the real world. Globalization has its benefits and has already allowed humans to reap the fruits of their efforts. These conspiracy theories are too difficult to understand for a layman and all he is concerned with is the welfare of his family, which I believe, globalization can help him in achieving.

  14. Ace says:

    good piece of research i must say but the reason behind the judo christian alliance is not limited to a religious manipulation only it has alot to do with jews gaining power in europe in the field of banking and politics and that is why they gained so much control which impact the over all american revolution and world wars. Another interesting thing is where writer mentioned 2012 and the system which will go down … need more on that

  15. Qaz Khan says:

    I like this word globalzionation … surely this is something we all know but its also true that we dont care much about these accounts of history and dont think about them maybe its because our minds are controlled by such experiments mentioned by the aurthor.

  16. Diane says:

    I think a good number of people already know all of this, but they also realize it’s like that roaring locomotive – it probably can’t be stopped.

    Also, you have some typing errors in the article – you’ll want to re-read and correct them.

  17. revolvo says:

    Excellent article why no one ever told us perspective like that. Thank you pakalert for posting such informative article

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