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  1. I agree with your comment Manolis that everyone's opinion on "GOD" is "right and not right". The GOD principle or concept is multidimensional in nature and is infinite and therefore it is too difficult for 3 dimensional beings such as ourselves to have a total understanding. We all have fragments of understanding. Thank you for your well thought out comments on the topic. Cheers mate.

  2. I think you have a well balanced approach towards spirituality. There is a big difference beween being "religious" and being "spiritual" and you totally understand the difference.To me, it is OK for people to follow whatever belief or religion they want to. It is a personal thing. There are many paths to GOD. When people defend their beliefs and think that they know the path to God, then they are creating a Religion.

  3. I personally have trouble using the word "GOD". That word in my reality creates the belief that "GOD" is a being greater than myself and is separate from me. I believe that everything is "ONE". We are all connected with each other. We are all God….I like your statement that "God" is a 'Guide". I can relate to that. God is a guiding force in our lives.

  4. I agree with you that our life mission is to understand and get to know this guiding force called "God".

  5. Thank you very much Gel for expressing your wisdom & understanding on the topic of "God". You have alot to offer. You should think about contributing a video on future topics. Thank you my friend.

  6. A+1 ∆ says:

    I believe what you said holds merit. Do we exist for Gods glory?-Does a parent bring a child into the world for his or her glory?-Do we expect our children to worship us?-It would be nice but the fact is parents generally worship the child, that is the reality of this universe not the other idea. We are protégés, students, family. Some of us have gone astray but no matter which road you take they all lead home.
    Peace Love and Harmony

  7. mumsthewitch says:

    These videos are getting better and better. Loved Shawn's insightful humour, amazed at my own husband ( never really talks about matters spiritual it to me), Dawn's idea of the journey and debs holistic view. Indeed Ed, the Divine is the essence of our being.

  8. IN LA'A KE'ECH…..


  9. great job everyone!

  10. dee tom says:

    It was most interesting for me to hear the different ideas of God. I would love to contribute but find unable to express what I am feeling at the moment, but most interesting thank you.

  11. Everyone appears to have a different view of what God is. That is great to see. The easiest way to contribute a video is work out what you are going to say. Video in stages, just a few sentences at a time, and then join all the videos up in your video making software. Thank you for your comment, Dee.

  12. I think we made an excellent video about God. We should be very proud of it. Thank you for your Contribution Dawn, it was awesome. Cheers.

  13. Thanks Malcolm. Cheers mate.

  14. Yet again, thank you Bec for your very insightfull contribution. Shaun's humor was awesome and really helped to make the video. We all had a different slant on GOD which was awesome. Cheers.

  15. Your humor would be appreciated on future videos, Troy. Our next Collaboration Topic, if you are interested, is on "Happiness". Defining "Happiness" Cheers mate.

  16. dee tom says:

    Never though of doing videos separate and then join them, thanks Ed, will try 🙂

  17. Now this is one of the most interesting vids I've ever seen on YT! (NOPE, I DON'T only watch funny stuff here 😉 Actually I'm a person with some profound thoughts – but you don't have that from me..lol) I myself do believe in 'a God' and most of these opinions here come up to mine. Awesome video, great job everyone. Thanks for sharing and… God Bless! 😉

  18. Thank you so much in watching the Collab God Video. It is very pleasing to see that people featured in the video all had different views about God. God is a difficult concept to define and is a personal thing for most people.

  19. I love the saying that people just see God like they want to – but that God will always stay the same ;))
    And also the quote: People see God every day; they just don't recognize Him.
    Thank you, my friend!

  20. An interesting video concept. To have so many different paths without one dictating to another is spirituality and the spirit self.

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