Google Extra terrestrial? UFO spotter shows ‘amazing evidence’


Google More-terrestrial? UFO spotter displays ‘amazing evidence’ of his alien abduction.
A notable UFO spotter thinks he has evidence of his previous alien abduction, thanks to Google Earth’s satellite images.
John Mooner, from Devon in the Uk, shared his conclusions with the Torquay Herald Convey on Monday.

Mooner says he does not keep in mind his alien abduction, but that he remembered “sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the yr of 2016 and likely again via the previous several years.”
In accordance to the UFO spotter, Google Earth satellite images present him “clearly making an attempt to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the deal with.”

“Looking at the impression it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and have to of been capable to subdue me,” he explained.


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  1. Vinte Um says:

    Hahahahaha this is gold!!

  2. And this is why drugs are illegal.

  3. Naeem Kuzco says:

    Even the satellite got shitty camera…?

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