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A documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.


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  1. Royal nash says:

    no matter how different you think your name there is a good chance that there is at least one person with that exact first and last name. now do we have a population problem i think so

  2. Royal nash says:

    killeen sounds like an irish name like killians

  3. Royal nash says:

    i found this doc to be a little boring and not too informative

  4. Enjoyed this very much. My last name happens to be sooo common it would take millions to gather all the Karol Hernandez in the world but I love the idea of finding the uniqueness of individuals and bringing them together as a family. Nicely done ­čÖé

  5. Quez Films says:

    Best person in this documentary was that Jim Killeen guy.

  6. Alec Seekola says:

    I am the only person on the globe with my name! I am original! Chaffed eh!

  7. tetravista says:

    Good production & filming work, but the reason this movie is stupid is that having the same name with some random person means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  8. If you google my name you only get me.

  9. best footy team and i was there go geelong

  10. It's a movie that builds up slowly and comes up very strong, covering all the emotions we have within us. And I also think that the whole Killeen gang would make up for a great comedy show, you guys are peculiar and with great personalities, seriously. Thanks.

  11. Luca Gentile says:

    I am agree that it does not mean much to have the same name of someone else, but it does not necessarily mean that the movie is stupid.

  12. Luca Gentile says:

    I didn't really love the movie, if we can call it movie, but I have to admit that it gave me some inspiration and the chance to think.

    My most negative remarks are:
    1) Having a smaller brain does not make you unsensible for pain (about the chicken 1:34).

    2) The filmmaker was interviewing his family, which is already weird, his expression while he was talking to his ill sister was repelled.

    3) Why are Americans so proud of their army and you see it in all american movies?

  13. goldfighterX says:

    i googled Julia Leisz

  14. Most americans are somehow… stupid

  15. -Hey Liz, do you mind if I google myself?
    -Sure Tracy
    -Can I use your computer?
    -How else you gonna do it?

  16. …and found no sexy video.

  17. Chris C says:

    ┬áDon't know if it's your call or YouTube's, but I'm not going to sit though a bunch of commercials to watch your documentary. ┬áSeems cool, but not cool enough to sit through a bunch of advertising to see it.´╗┐

  18. If you like this film check out our film about Phil Campbells from all over the world helping out a town with their name (Phil Campbell, AL) after a deadly tornado┬á´╗┐

  19. Dave Gorman ripoff.´╗┐

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